Oh Life (A Very Random Blog Entry)

"What are you planning to do with your life?"
"What do you do actually?"
Why do some people ask this question? I don't get it. So I tell them "I make videos."
"You make videos?" They'll frown and start making mental notes.
"I make wedding videos. Kalau ada orang nak kahwin, you know who to call." I smiled.
"What happened to architecture?"
Oh fishsticks! Here we go again... Is it that uncommon for people to abandon their prior commitments and venture out to the mysterious but enticingly enigmatic unknown? Life never goes according to 'plan' so why do people find it weird that it actually doesn't?
You know what I find weird? How can two groups of people living in a same stretch of land, worships the same snack (chocopie), have identical physical and facial features and speaks the same language are STILL sworn enemies to this very day? What am I ranting about? Pick up an english newspaper. Read it.
Country leaders should settle their differences in an isolated island and leave their innocent civilians alone. A Battle Royale format would be apt.
Business is as usual. Clients come and go. They always expect award winning wedding videos from me but akak, abang, wedding videos are wedding videos ok? If I were to write your videos, you will all be zombies in a Lord of the Rings setting. Wedding videos are stuffs of parody.
I want an iMac.
I want to go to London and France.
And sleep. I want to go to sleep too.


Anoneemus™ said...

Yeah.it's like when i say i want to write and people ask what about landscape arch?
and they say i'm a confused little girl.


Yasmin ever..


I wonder if Yasmin every made wedding videos...? No offence intended... just a thought...

I find it amazing that people can actually follow the live autobiography of Afiq Deen.

Its like reading an autobiography with no ending. And that ending is even elusive to Afiq.

And what more we the readers can participate in the life of a 'Film maker in the making or Architect in the making (who really knows?)' and say I saw it happen... Amazing stuff.

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