Afiq Deen on Star's R.AGE

Okay not only me lah, Afiq Deen and four other shortlisted contestants.

You can read our Star's R.AGE piece here.
The winner announcement is on Friday.
I am not going to win anything. How do I know? Let's just say that the organisers gave all the shortlisted contestants different instructions. Don't they know that we are all FaceBook friends so we exchanged maklumat like secret service spies?
But I'm still going to the event to support my own work because I will be presenting Jemput and Tok Nab's Guest Room with the other 11 contestants to the media.
You can't say no to good exposure!


Miss Aida said...

Congratulations anyway. Like you said, it's good exposure. :)

LOL. I can't believe you guys exchanged information - talk about solidarity!

bryanlyt said...

LOL what instructions did they gave you?

anyway congrats man! :)