A Very Important Presentation

I have one more day to prepare the most important presentation this year. On Saturday, I will propose my commercial video idea to a panel of judges and if they accept my proposal, I will able to make the actual commercial video. Out of the five made videos, only one will be selected to be screened on Astro during Merdeka Day. I know what you're thinking: "ARGHHHHHHHH!"
My Projek Merdeka Adik was shortlisted for the presentation but I want to revamp the story to make it more exciting and explosive.
It's a difficult feat because I have to make it 'different' but 'malaysian friendly' at the same time.
I have several ideas but none of them are good enough. Sigh.
Back to work.


izyani colep said...

all the best. hopefully ill be watching that video on the telly in 2 months time =)

Miss Aida said...

So.. How did it go?

Afiq Deen said...

I presented my proposals alongside 80 other students! And these are the shortlisted ones (there were 180 submissions)

But I made it through. I am one of the five chosen student director. The cheque presentation will be on Tuesday and we can start shooting throughout june.

Super excited. will blog all about it after the press conference this tuesday : D