Babi dan Melayu

Melayu benci betul babi. Dan anjing. Kalau ada ada hybrid babi-anjing, mesti ramai yang mula sangka hari kiamat dah dekat.
Malays despise pigs because it is haram. Ask any malays and you fill find out it is extremely rare to find malays who have eaten pork.
Well. I've eaten pork. The first time was when I exchanged bekal with my childhood bestfriend Jason Ng. The second was when a newspaper company pager bought me pau with pork fillings because he forgot that I'm a muslim. The third time was when I was in Bali, the stall owner told me that his Bakso is halal. I ate his bakso for 5 days until I found out that his idea of halal is when the animal is slaughtered. He slaughtered the pigs he used to make his meatballs.
Strangely enough, eating pork is the most revered haram thing to us. Here's a ranking of OUR list of very haram things.
1. Makan Babi.
2. Jaga atau pegang anjing
The rest of haram acts are treated as if they are makruh like:
3. Zina
4. Minum alkohol (perfume beralkohol bolehlah ngok!)
5. Judi
6. Fitnah
7. Rasuah
dan banyak lagi...
This is a very malay thing. We can have sex with our girlfriends, drink at clubs, gossip with our friends, give RM39.40 to the Polis trafik, play sms 4D (check your Metro newspaper) but eating pork? Oh hell no!
Don't you find this revelation weird?
Why do we hate babi so very much that it literally trumps every other sins?
And yet we use the word babi so very often in our conversations like Babilah, gila babi, babi! babi... babi betol! etc.
Kesian babi.


umar sharif said...

Wow afiq.

im a new fan of ur blog btw:D
just tellin ya:P

u have this gift of picking at certain issues that can almost become a controversy but u manage to opinionate it in a cnt seem to find the proper word...hmm witout making u sound like a douchebag:)

kudos for winning first place btw!

Anonymous said...

when u r a malay, u can say anything bout this BABI thing, but as a muslim, ur view point should become wider... anyway, u did give a point there....but, sadly not as a very proud muslim~

Mr.F said...

Another level of confused Malays,
"ish apa nak jadi dengan artis sekarang, ada kaa anjing depa bela"
"nak tau tak? kat kampung kita ni ramai dah jadi penagih dadah..."

"METRO antara akhbar utama bacaan Melayu, dalam itu iklan ON 4D ke 32888"
"PERKASA kena pertahankan, ini hak orang Melayu, jangan nak diganggu gugat".


Anoneemus™ said...

Kalau pegi oversea sanggup makan maggi sbb susah cari makanan halal. tp kat hotel sekatil dengan girlfren juga.

alice said...

I watched the movie 'Babe' a few times. Find it amusing & cracks me up every time I watch it. Someone told me "tengok cerita tu? cerita tu cerita babi. Haram oh."


Ann Alien said...

Ah, I remember the days when I got scolded for wanting a Piglet stuffed toy. I mean, how can any little girl resist the cuteness of Piglet?! So gentle, so soft spoken, so goshdarn cute and awkward.

But Mom says, "Piglet tu babi! Tak boleh! Tak boleh! Haram! Amik ni Rabbit."

Rabbit (in Winnie the Pooh) tak cute langsung...


I do agree though. Babi is like the spawn of evil or something. Sure they're absolutely disgusting, eat almost anything you give them, and is haram to eat but those aren't reasons to demonize the poor thing. Babi tu kan tetap makhluk Allah.

Kesian babi...

Oh and I so love Babe, alice :P Baaah Ram Yuuuu.

arlina said...

i get your point, its like why everyone is so bother about things yang considered as haram, mcm pergi club and such but never bother about those core stuff about being muslims.

i wish u related it to Islam well.

you know, like why is everyone is concerned about babi but never feel guilty tinggalkan solat.

tak payah nak tgk jauh, sebab solat tu pencegah maksiat :)

nurulshima said...

seriously. babi is so the 'in thing' kan.haha. kesian babi

Afiq Deen said...

Umar Sharif. I don't know about you but the term douchebag is very emotional for me. The only time I see douchebags is when I see my relatives and family members in hospital wards lying helplessly on their beds.

Exactly Anoneemus!

Afiq Deen said...

Peningkan Mr.F. We are getting more and more contradictary and oxymoronic.

Babe is so cute!!!!! Apparently pigs are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. They are also very beneficial to human beings because their organs and blood are very simiar to ours. In organ reproduction, the 'base' organs are taken from pigs before being genetically matched in incubators.

Rabbit dalam cerita Winnie the Pooh kan grumpy and angry-looking. Piglet (Pooh's best friend) is super cute and bashful. He is my fav character because eventhough he is afraid of everything, he made it a point to face his fears to help his friends. That is why you always see Christopher complimenting on Piglet's bravery.

Afiq Deen said...

Arlina, I'm focusing on Melayu not Islam. These two things can never be rightfully connected (because Islam denies any form of segregation based on race and origin)

Kesian babi.

Anonymous said...

kenapa nak kesian dengan babi.... memangla babi dan anjing tetap binatang.... tetapi dalam alquran sendiri dah menerangkan babi dan anjing adalah najis mughallazah yakni najis berat.... sentuh dah haram ape ntah lagi makan... tapi penulis blog nie macam bangga plak bila makan... pelik...

Afiq Deen said...

Termakan bukan sengaja.

Hi there! said...


It just goes to show that religion is no big deal.

It is as big as you allow it to be.

Think big issue then that
become big.

Siapa nak solat tak henti2 mcm orang
Arab zaman dulu?

Gua tak ada masa nak solat..

Benda2 tu masa kecil boleh la
kita percaya. Dah dewasa takkan
nak percaya dongeng dan mitos
orang Arab bulat2...

Beside every girls pretty Malay girl I know are hot for sex... muahaha... so dmn the Arabs. Im not going to let the Arabs spoil my sex life!

Buat mana yang mampu.

Sex memang seronok. Sape tak buat
menyesal nanti. Biaq apa ustazah tu
ajar bila dah tua ganyut nanti dah tak larat baru nak main, you lost your best years because of your fears planted by the Arabs in your mind.

Miss Aida said...

LOL, you get some hilarious comments on this Afiq!

I think a lot of it comes to the whole concept that 'if you eat something, it becomes part of you, part of your flesh and bones'. That's a more tangible concept than the corruption of the soul for most people.

And congratulations on the exposure! :)

Kyoru said...

O wow, so many positive responses. XD

I think it's just due to the warped idea that pigs are like the vessels of everything unholy in the world. Stuff taught and misconstrued since they/we were kids.

Most of them probably don't even know why exactly they're considered as haram. They just take it in as they are told. A shame, really.

jade said...

well..malays dont eat pork because it is haram

and indian (sometimes) dont eat meat (cows) because it is sacred

I dont eat pork. It just not suit my taste..opss..hahaha

Anonymous said...

Boleh tak bercakap dengan penuh kesedaran? you know why babi is haram? cause it is kotor, & bawak banyak penyakit.

so why ponder a question when it is termaktub in the Holy Quran?

For the Social problems, with sleeping with boyfriend what sort.

Well, most of the commenters here are "liberal". Babi is a binatang yang diharam kan. Same goes to Anjing.

Because the are kotor. Islam, is avoiding you from eating something that is kotor.

you understand that concept young boi?

Don't be so "open minded" when it comes to agama.

& about politics & rasuah whatnots. Who can you blame? atas dasar diri sendiri lah. why so nosy, kata orang melayu this and that.

Apalah with mengutuk kaum sendiri when other race isn't that good pun. Sama je pusing balik, just different beliefs..

We are human beings, & you are an ignorant human being.

So selamba some more. hm.

Afiq Deen said...

anonymous, you are sooooooooooooo missing the point. Take a cold shower and reread the entry.

I know sometimes when you get too emotional you'll see what you want to see. In this case, you read what you want to read.

jade said...

so meaning pasal agama kena closed mind la???

i thought Islam was supposed to go with the century

not so conservative!!

dian said...


this is so coincidental, i had the same conversation with a convert-close friend the other day how MALAYS despise pigs and dogs too much

umar sharif said...

Oh. Im sorry if what i said offended u. I just wanted to compliment ur writing thats all.

adLedash said...

hahahahha! afiq funny! nice writing!