I Have A New Guy I Look Up To

And his name is Edmund Yeo. He is a Malaysian filmmaker based in Japan. If you've watched previous shortlisted BMW shorties, he is the man behind The Chicken Rice Mystery.
He is also the producer and editor of Woo Ming Jin's THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA (2007), WOMAN ON FIRE LOOKS FOR WATER (2009) and THE TIGER FACTORY (2010), which he also co-wrote.
FYI, the The Tiger Factory was selected to be screen in Cannes Film Festival. Hebat gila. You can check out his blog for updates.
I've already decided on my upcoming May-June short film. It has no name/title yet and it is not the short film proposals I published and deleted recently It's not that I don't like the ideas I had earlier. It's just that I have a fixation on femme fatale-type characters and I can't have enough of them. This shortie will be a tribute to my favourite femme fatale films like the Kill Bill movies, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and Femme Fatale!
It'll be brutal and awesome. Gory and bloody. Disturbing and satisfying. I hope.



Good for you.

Strategy is about short-cut to success by learning from other peoples mistakes, and, doing what is right and proven.

Strategy is about modelling success and the ability to transfer that model into your own situation.

That way you avoid trial and error. We plan and succeed!

In Islamic theory that is called sunnah.

Break a leg!!

The Great Swifty said...

Thanks! This pretty much means that I will have to make all sorts of mistakes so that you will learn to avoid them in the future?

Congrats with winning the award, by the way.

Afiq Deen said...

You're right Ritz! But I haven't seen any mistakes done by Edmund yet! Hahahaha!

I want to follow your footsteps Edmund. I aspire to accomplish what you've accomplished : D