It's Mizz Nina Yo!

Catchy gila lagu ni. Brainworm yang telah bermarkas dalam otak Afiq sejak kebelakangan ini.

Tapi sedih music video buruk.


heyje said...

i think this is one of the best hip hop video, no blings2, supercars, asses, girls, boobs, beers..... just them singing in the dark with the torchlights

at first i tot the video going to be just like any other hip hop videos, but they twisted it around

good job

Afiq Deen said...

yeah. but the only problem is its not a hip hop song.

Puteri said...

agreed w afiq. vid clip ni buruk. they should ada jalan cerita. the beginning showing they are both bouncers of a nightclub macam promising.. until u see that all they do is stand thr sing into walkie talkie and flashing a torchlght, ...and thats it. apakah?

hi afiq, i miss you =)

- Puteri :D