Whose God?

Spare 22 minutes of your time and watch this clip. AlJazeera were smart to invite three very different people from very different backgrounds to talk about this issue.

How is the Allah issue political?

Some people claim that this issue has been politicised but to what extent? We first have to understand that politicians will never get their hands dirty. Their 'issues' are chess pieces of an elaborate strategy for personal/communal gain. When our petrol price increased dramatically, peaceful demonstrators were showered with water and tear gases by the FRU but the FRU didn't lay a finger to the Allah issue demonstrators. I think I do not have to elaborate further.

Muslim Liberal dan Muslim Konservatif?

Aku sering kali dipanggil muslim liberal kerana aku berani bercakap dengan terbuka tentang isu-isu semasa berkaitan dengan Islam. Aku rasa itu bukan kriteria untuk dilabelkan liberal. Kalau aku seorang gay yang terbuka, melakukan zina sebelum kahwin, minum minuman keras dan membuat perkara yang dilarang lain yang diasimilasikan dalam gaya hidup aku, barulah aku dianggap liberal. Tetapi tidak, untuk ramai orang, bercakap dan berbincang secara terbuka tentang Islam menjadikan aku liberal. Aneh tapi benar.

Why are these people pestering me with threats?

I got an info from my friend and he said that some Facebookers rallied online taliban rempits to urge me to delete the 33 Banned Words entry. I also received several threatening SMSes and calls but I'm not new to this. I've been egged five times before and demonised in countless sites and blogs. It's also funny that you'll find that these pests who tells me that they are doing this for Islam and for Allah use terms like Cibai, Pukimak, Mampos, Pantat, etc. And aha, apparently, according to them, I'm going to hell. Who appointed these pottymouths to become God assistants?

Melayu itu Islam?

Merepek! Melayu itu Melayu dan Islam itu Islam. Bolehkah kita kata Arab itu Islam kerana kebanyakan Nabi dan Rasul Islam berketurunan Arab? Arab juga punyai orang Yahudi dan Kristian. Sama seperti orang Melayu. Orang Indonesia itu orang apa kalau bukan orang Melayu. Kita datang dari mana bhai? Di Indonesia, orang Melayu ada yang Islam, Kristian dan ya, Buddha dan Hindu.

Sabah, Sarawak, Pulau Pinang dan Kuala Lumpur?

Orang Kristian di negeri-negeri ini sahaja yang boleh gunakan perkataan Allah dalam percakapan atau penulisan oleh penduduk bukan Islam.

The confident muslim?

Muslims who are not stupid. We know for a fact that our Allah is singular and that's that. That is that. We will never be deceived by 'evil Christians' if we are educated in our own religion. If the Christians are trying to convert muslims, we should do a better job converting Christians, aborigines, buddhists etc but sadly, there is no known effort to do this. If you remember correctly, the very useless YADIM (Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah M'sia) booted out the visionary and modern muslim scholar Ustaz Asri by sending a fleet of cops to arrest him.

Dakwah? I've NEVER EVER seen any dakwah campaign in Malaysia. Never. I've seen a lot of Christian campaigns though. They pick up my recyclables for their church every weekend and give me brochures about their churches' upcoming activities. I even participated in a gotong royong they organised. Why not? I don't see any mosque people wanting to clean up my neighborhood.


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(nothingness) said...

egged five times!?

but you gotta love the attention, no?

Anoneemus™ said...

The thing is, mereka ingat mereka bagus dgn mengetahui hukum. Tapi mereka lupa, kita tak boleh jumud, tak boleh mengikut membabi buta.

Mereka tak tahu bahawa di kalangan ulama' juga berlaku perbezaan pendapat.and a Muslim scholar would NEVER say that sumthing is DEFINITELY wrong unless it is stated in the Quran and Hadith (such as zina).
Muslimm scholars pun tak bertelagah, apa hak orang biasa macam kita mahu maki hamun dan ugut orang lain semata-mata kerana perbezaan pendapat.

It's not like Afiq has invited us to convert to Christianity or sumthing.

Afiq Deen said...

People would think so but I am not an attention whore. I dont say the things I say to get attention. I just say it as it is.

Being egged is not something I'm proud of. Kena basuh kereta la apa lah.

I agree. Islam from the get go is derived from Revelation and Reason.

If an issue is not explained in the revelation, muslims have to use reason. I believe that knowledge is directly proportional to reason so the more knowledgeable a person is, the more he can reason with a clear mind.

And vice-versa.

Silent Reader said...

Agree to disagree right? Without the unnecessary obscenity. U were sometimes obscene too but u'd never directed ur cussings on any specific person so its okay.

But u are very explicit afiq. For a 22 yr old guy, u can b a good romance novelisf

Nada Syazana said...

I can go on forever with the things I wanna say...so I'll try to make it short:

1. It's great that you don't let these ketat-thinking people pierce your armour. Orang baling telur, kita buat Portuguese egg tarts, yes?

2. People...once they're comfortable with a certain something, anything new or innovative is a blasphemy. Just know that it's not wrong for you to tread unchartered spheres...the more you explore, the more you know, hence the closer you get to the truth. So keep digging into matters of religion. If you find light, Alhamdulillah. If you stumble into doubt, then may He guide you :)

3. This was a good entry. I enjoyed every bit of it (except that my Lesen P internet connection is taking forever to load the vid!). So, thank you.