Kartika Yang Malang

Kartika is one very unlucky woman. She was caught drinking beer at a hotel lobby and was arrested for it. She was fined and will be canned.

Bukan rotan pakai pembaris kayu tu. Rotan yang macam ni:

Religious authorities had intended to make Kartika a prime example of its Syariah law on consumption of alcohol but her arrest made frontpage all over the nation. This made a lot of people uncomfortable with her punishment.
In my personal opinion, caning is too harsh of a punishment to be inflicted to muslims who are caught drinking. If the Syariah law demands it, the enforcement of the law must be transparent and fair. I've seen MANY wealthy and influential muslims drink champaigne and wine in events and parties and never once were there any raids to these events. On the other hand, we have people like Kartika who was arrested for drinking a bottle of beer.
And don't get me started on clubs and discos in KL or Penang.
It seems that Kartika is a political ball of yarn being tossed around by the authorities. I just hope she gets rewarded by all the bad press done on her. I heard she's writing a book. After all, bad publicity is good publicity.


Afif said...

afiq, i'm not pretty sure about this but i thought there is a difference between caning for any religion related matters and the usual crime related matters.

Afiq Deen said...

yeah i hope so too.

Anonymous said...

she'll not be punish like the one in the above picture.
in Islam, the canning punishment is a lot different and there's also difference between canning a man & a woman.

silent reader said...

IMO your should really write what you know, rather than what you think you know. I understand that you do not have any bad intention but unverified informations can mislead others.

Can't agree more about the political yarn thingy, but look on the bright side. Better to be punished now than hereafter.

Afiq Deen said...

Religious authorities should really educate the public concerning its punishments. People like me and most of the masses can only assume the gravity of the punishments.

I'll write what I want, thank you very much. My opinions may be biased and misleading but it is mine nonetheless.

sHiKa said...

hukuman rotan lelaki dan perempuan lain..untuk prmp, definitely not like the one in the pic. bhgn dirotan atas lg drpd punggung dan rotannye lebih nipis. dan dijalankan ditempat yang tertutup. kecoh la kartika tu..rotankan aje die tu...

tia said...

bukan kartika ke yang nak?
dia macam mencabar institusi undang-undang malaysia,

lagi satu,
islam kah negara kita?
kita asyik mengaku negara kita islam tapi hukum hudud and kisas tidak di laksankan, walhal untuk melabelkan keislaman sesebuah negara,
kita haruslah berlandaskan al-quran.
mencuri potong tangan.
bukan bermakna islam itu kejam,
tapi kata lecturer,
setiap percikan darah yang mengalir itu,
allah telah ampunkan dosa mereka di dunia,
tidak mahukah mereka di ampunkan?
adakah mereka menanti hukuman yang bakal tiba di akhirat?

kenapa isu ini di perbesarkan?

Afiq Deen said...

Lagipun ada fasa2 dan peringkat tertentu. Tertangkap sekali akibat mencuri tak potong lagi tangan.

Isu diperbesarkan sebab undang-undang syariah kontroversial di negara kita yang boleh dianggap separa sekular.

Pihak atasan juga memilih pesalah yang kecil-kecil dan tak berani menangkap orang atasan kalau mereka membuat kesalahan yang sama.

Adilkah? Itulah sebab isu kartika diperbesarkan. Sebab dia mangsa keadaan.

Matematis Muda said...

afiq, ada beza pendapat dengan fakta. kalau pendapat kau salah tak apa. kalau fakta salah, kena betul kan la kan?

dalam gambar tu, rotan sivil. kartika bukan kena rotan sivil. dia kena rotan syari'ah. rotan syari'ah tak macam tu.

Tukang sebat akan menghayun rotan dan membalun pesalah seeara sederhana
sahaja seperti yang dijelaskan oleh seksyen 8 yang menggariskan bahawa pukulan sebat
hendaklah dengan eara yang sederhana, di mana tukang sebat tidak boleh mengangkat
rotan hingga sampai ke paras kepala. Sebaliknya, dia mesti menghayun sebat seolaholah
dalam keadaan mengepit al-Quran di bawah ketiak dan hayunan dibuat dengan
tidak menjatuhkan al-Quran tadi.


Afiq Deen said...

Aku memang mengharapkan hukuman rotan bukan macam rotan hukuman sivil.

Cuba cari tapi tak jumpa.. sekarang dah diberitahu.! Yeay.

Terima Kasih Matematis Muda


The method of caning as adopted by the Syariah Courts of Malaysia are different from the methods of Caning as carried out by the Criminal Justice system in the Civil Courts (Civil courts as opposed to Syariah courts).



The method of caning as adopted by the Syariah Courts of Malaysia are different from the methods of Caning as carried out by the Criminal Justice system in the Civil Courts (Civil courts as opposed to Syariah courts).


Kritikan said...

Post sebegini hanya memburukkan imej Islam dan juga memburukkan lagi imej pesalah yang sememangnya rela dihukum.

" Memburukkan " kerana si pengeluar post ini tidak tahu langsung bahawa apa jenis hukuman rotan di sisi syariah yang jauh berbeza dengan hukuman sebat biasa, bahkan langsung tidak mencederakan melainkan menyedarkan sahaja.

Agaknya apa niat sebenar si pengeluar post ini dan apa sebenarnya faedah yang dia dapat dengan berbuat begini?

Perlukah post ini dikirim kepada Kartika agar kenyataan akhbar yang sama pernah dikeluarkan kepada SIS dikeluarkan juga kepada Afiqsays ?

Lu pikir la senirik !

Ap said...

then in ur 'anjingophobia' post, i have commented but i nver gotten any feedbacks so im re-commenting it..
I noticed Afiq talking about wine in dishes.. Well, 1st of all, I want to clarify that I am NOT a very conservative muslim.. I have my beliefs and am holding tight onto it k? Islam actually forbids us from consuming arak not JUST because it causes mabuk but it has lotsa malignant effects.. It is narcotic and it can cause even lotsa diseases - blindness, death!, etc.. If the case here is ONLY getting drunk, then you are referring to the nas before it has been nasakh.. Ok, then, if the case here is that the alcohol disintegrates and its chemical contents are not the same anymore, why are we not eating cooked babi? It’s general knowledge that a substance will USUALLY react when it is heated so, what is stopping pork from reacting and getting its chemical contents altered? If the chemical contents are not of the orginal babi’s, shouldn’t we be allowed to it it? Well then, kindly refer to the fact that Islam forbids something because it causes darurah(malignance)..

Then comes to the issue of the uses alcohol in medicine.. Why is alcohol allowed to be used in this field? Why is it any difference from culinary? Well, again, Islam forbids something because it causes darurah.. And when we encounter 2 different darurahs, Islam asks us to think, to compare, to contrast, which darurah is greater.. If darurah A is greater, then choose the latter.. The same goes for this issue.. We encounter the darurah of alcohol and the darurah of suffering from diseases.. N from the views of ulama’, alcohol is now the lesser darurah.. Therefore alcohol is permitted in medicine..

Ok..ok.. I know..
I nagged a lot just now.. n what I nagged was actually out of the topic.. blablabla.. ok.. so now im getting into the topic.. Anjing? I don’t hate dogs.. My friends don’t hate dogs.. But we do fear they will bite us though.. haha.. It’s true, Islam teaches us to respect and be kind to other creatures including dogs and pigs.. But we do have to samak if we touch dogs n pigs (n bukankah our mazhab shafie ckap bulu yang kering pon kna samak?) To me, this issue still refers back to the facts that Islam forbids sth because it causes darurah.. So, in this issue, it all depends on the reasons.. If its for safety then ok (slain anjing xdak cara lain ka?) but if its for self pleasure, then u must consider a few situations first before keeping a dog:
i) Your neighbours, whether they are comfortable with a dog in their neighbourhood (in Turkey xpa laaa).. If the issue is Islam, then you must respect your neighbours’ best interests.. dosa kot..
ii) Yourself, whether you are sure you can keep yourself in the best hygiene.. N when I talk about hygiene, I am not just referring to your body but also your clothes.. You must be ready to samak a lot of your clothes k? :D

again, fuck out beb.. hahaha..

Ap said...

i think u should really reduce posts about religions especially Islam coz u always get it wrong dickhead..
post em only after u r sure they r true..
dont let nafsu to bring up controversies and attract more readers slowly mislead ur judgement..
i know u wanna be recognized for 'alternative' or 'unique' thinking towards life but fuck man.. u r misleading others.. others who r dickheaded as well lol..
here are some excerpts n comments..

"Dakwah? I've NEVER EVER seen any dakwah campaign in Malaysia. Never. I've seen a lot of Christian campaigns though"
Ya Allah.. If u have never seen 1, doesnt mean it doesnt exist.. There r a lot of dakwah going on in our country n quite frankly, i dont think u really know what dakwah in the islamic context really is..

'If I, a muslim, were to refer to Allah as Dandelion in my prayers, does that make my prayers invalid?'
The answer is yes shithead.. U cannot pray except in Arabic.. Even saying 'Rabbu akbar' already invalids ur prayer.. N dats in arab.. If the name 'ALLAH' is not a big deal, then why MUST we ONLY use the word ALLAH in lafzujalalah? If u even know what dat is..
so, MMG xsah sembahyang when we substitute the word 'ALLAH" with 'dandelion' ok?

"That being said, it's just a name, a concept constructed by human convention in languages that are humanly constructed."
whoaaa man.. careful.. being a muslim, we should believe that words in Quran are the words of Allah or Kalamullah.. Thus being said, they r not a concept constructed by human convention.. instead, they are Allah's words.. To be saying the words 'Al-Quran', 'Hudud', n lain2 are manmade is a sin in ISLAM.. TRUE MUSLIMS believe that those words are constructed by Allah himself.. n If those words r already sinful to be accused as man-made, wut about the word ALLAH? Use ur akal n guide it with Quran and Sunnah lol..

"Allah or God or Dandelion encompasses all human constructs and so to put such Godly attributes into a word constructed with just 3 letters is to reduce Allah into those 3 letters. Isn't that the bigger sin?"
Whoaaa.. now this?? gila ka lu? supporting this crap? putting Godly attributes into the word ALLAH does not reduce ALLAH.. n its not even a small sin babe.. it's called 'memuliakan Allah'.. Y are we saying 'daulat tuanku' and not 'daulat fcuk u' when we are praising our sultans? its bcoz we r showing respect 2 them n we recognize them by the word 'tuanku'.. if its not even a sin to be putting kingly attributed in the word 'sultan', y is it a sin to be putting godly atrribute in the word ALLAH?

n oh yeah, if u learn FORM 5 Tasawwur Islam chapter 1, u should know that the word Allah should be Muslims'.. well, it should be if u believe tauhid uluhiyyah.. nvm bout dat, it's only for Muslims who believe lol.. haha.. n i cant believe Muslims are looking with only 1 eye opened at Surah Al-Ikhlas.. the most frequently read surah lol.. if 'we muslims' read it lahhh.. nvm dat lol..

i got a lot more to write n comment but getting malassssss lah.. fuck out beb.. hahaha..

Ap said...

ooooopppsss.. sory.. just noticed that i haven't commented on this post.. haha.. sory2..

'In my personal opinion, caning is too harsh of a punishment to be inflicted to muslims who are caught drinking.'
WTF man.. caning muslim drinkers is not the choice or OPINION of syariah law officers, the punishmnent is Allah's 'opinion'.. I can't believe another fellow muslim would feel that his opinion is better than Allah's.. fuck.. please laaa.. for once have faith in Allah n His punishments.. If ur 'opinion' tells u that caning is already too harsh, then maybe u'd like Neraka to be filled with fines n prisons only eh? wtf..

Anonymous said...

..itulah masalah bila ustaz Afiq rambut pacak2 mengeluarkan fatwa dan merasakan dia ade pengalaman dlm perundangan Islam...