Penis of the Sky

The Burj Khalifah was completed early this month and I can't wait to go to Dubai to see for myself the tallest building on earth. It is a spectre to behold, the official penis of Middle East.

Skyscrapers are best described as penises. You see, the reason why Dubai build this building is to show off and get people to pay attention. Dubai wants to tell everybody in the world that it is well endowed. Dr.M knew that people are building taller skyscrapers every year to surpass ours so he made sure that our penis is far different than the others. We constructed a mutant penis. Twins! Have you seen anyone with two penises? I've seen a girl with three boobs in an Arnold movie but never 2 penises.

Now Prince Al-Waheed of Saudi Arabia wants to build a taller skyscrapper to match the Burj Khalifa.

Our twin tower is located smack in the middle of central KL, the home of sky-reaching headquarters. The Burj Khalifa came out of nowhere. It is unnecessarily tall and now it going to be dwarfed by yet another arabian tower. I know, the kings and princes just love to compare their penises.

"Oh you think you're so big? Come, let me pull out my dress.... Tadaaaa!"

The Burj Khalifa is so tall to that if you're on the highest floor, there is no possible way to spot an individual on the ground. Up in the air, people down below are like specks of dust. The Emir will also be unable to see the poverty, famine, civil war and corruption happening on ground zero from where he's sitting.

Sad, isn't it?

It is also foretold in the Quran that the end is near when there are a lot of buildings penetrating the skies. I know Kiamat is something imminent and mesti-jadi-punya but if I were to be a emir of an Islamic state, I will try my best to prevent all foretold signs to sustain LIFE. But then again, maybe the emirs do not give a hoot because they already have tickets to doomsday arcs in China.

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