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I didn't know where I caught it from. It must've been MTV. Or it could the alluring magnet attraction of Jaejoong but I caught it. I'm under the spell of the Hallyu.
Hallyu is the korean term for Korean Wave. It is most noticeable here in Malaysia in our choice of TV drama and pop music. I think it all started with Winter Sonata. Although melodrama is a staple genre in Malaysia, it only revolves around abusive family affairs. We Malaysian had no primetime hero until the soft spoken bespectacled architect arrived into our TV screen (and our hearts)
I was very cynical at first about this obsession. It was all just too surreal. I know for a fact that Korean men do not rent an ice rink just to celebrate an annivesary. They also do not buy bouquets of flowers and put them on the street in front of the girlfriend's house just because of a misunderstanding. Merepeklah.
But you girls, you girls believed them liars don't you? Nah nah nah, don't you deny it. I saw your faces when you suddenly heard a man speaking korean at the post office. Sepet eyes check! Neanderthal nose check! Olive skin check! Is he single?
The chinese girls waiting to pay their bills giggled but you, you and your tudung clad friend had to help him post his letters didn't you? Never mind that I was also looking for the bloody mailbox, you chose him over me. And just because he's korean, you didn't bother to whisper "Hensemnya Oppa ni, kahwin jelah dengan I!" Oh, kelakianku terguris...
Although I am pissed, I can't help but to feel that I will score better with the girls if I look more Korean. I've never fit into the typical malay demographic and have always been slanted towards girls who like chinese looking malays. Maybe if I speak korean and tell them that I'm a mixed malay-korean, they will surely fall for me! Maybe not.
Pop bands like DBSK and BigBang made me rethink of my definition of manliness. When I was teenager, caucasions like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kevin Zegers(Airbud anyone?) were my measure of a man. Now it's okay to be sepet. It's okay to have a cute personality. It's okay to be bratty. Unfortunately I am not all that. My eyes are considered round and folded.
Cynical as I am, I am also a sucker for almost everything korean. Proof:
Fav director: Park Chan Wook
Fav boyband: DBSK
Fav singer: Ajoo
Fac actor: Lee Byung Hun.
Two years ago my popular interests would've been dominated by orangputehs.
Our local TV channels acknowledged the korean big bang so more korean dramas are being screened today. The problem is though, all the major dramas were translated into Mandarin.
You see, we like koreans because they are koreans. Why in smoldering hell would you make koreans sound chinese? Chinese is for chinese. Korean is for all. 1Korea. Even a lot of my chinese friends are irritated that they dubbed korean dramas. Now they all sound like the cast of soaps like The Realm of Eternal Jealousy and what have you.
I don't know when this wave will end but I'm having a roll dancing to tunes like Wealthy Second Generation and Mirotic. We should all learn from this korean wave because maybe one day, we will have a Malay wave and people will be bothered to learn BM just for the sake of sounding cool. Maybe. Maybe not.
But that won't be possible in my estimated existence. Even chinese malaysians speak malay like they have just finished a 3 months crash course.
Let us not dwell into these depressing matters shall we ?(us? you're the one yang tiba-tiba emo)
The moral of this blog entry is... if you want to be cool, don't be yourself. Be Korean!


Lisa Farhana said...

Malay wave? Maybe.
Again, maybe not, LOL.

Afiq Deen said...

it could happen you know, once we finally get rid of our self-loathing attitude.

Anonymous said...

tips if u wanna score better w e girls:

e ice skating rink / flowers you mentioned actually works!!

n don't think you are acting silly by doing all these acts n refuse to do them (thus boycotting e sweet guys).....
becos all these 'sweet' guys will be getting all e 'sweets' at e end of e day. =)

you don't want to end up sulking in one corner, do u?

besides, it's just an investment...
make them girls fall head over heels in love w you,
they will do ANYTHING for you! ;)

win-win situation.
girls get love n attenttion.
boys get "sweets". =)

ps- if you are broke, love letters from e heart will do just fine!

khairie said...

about this korean oppas thingy, my li'l sister too is a huge fan. and i never understand why.there will always be the korean dramas on the tv(and dvds)whenever i get back home. T__T

and now she is forcing me to watch this korean drama (i dont remember the title) because she said it's a good one, but i knew she's actually fell in love with one of the casts. she even wallpapered her desktop with that korean oppa pic. heh.

well some researches said that, girls fall for them because they are pretty boys. or should i say 'jambu'? when i asked my sister, she said the exact same thing. duh.

so, be 'jambu' then. haaa.

tia said...

super junior afiq tak minat kew?
dia orang ,lagi best..
ho ho ho..

Afiq Deen said...

And how do u know that renting ice rinks works? U've done it before issit? I know how to get girls to like me. I just dont, so they wont.

Jambu eh? So girls who r into koreans like guys who are boyish, slightly muscular, sensitive and sweet. That's a tall order! But its only fair if they too act and look like female korean artiste.

Tak minatlah suju. Ramai sangat orang and lagu banyak aggressive.

Afiq Deen said...

Eh bukan, takde lagu aggressive.

Anonymous said...

ya, that's e point.

cont sulking in your corner. it's a nice place.

Cynthia W said...

I luvvvv lee byung hun too!! Since ur a fan of chan wook, make sure u watch JSA because it was also acted by my oppa.

I guess wat afiq is trying so say is he wants to stay single. Right afiq? But why? Ur hot la babe..

tia said...

haha, best apa ramai orang..ley pilih..hehe..
lagu suju banyak berentak hip hop and dance..tu yang best..hehe

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) you should look at that emo boy style on this blog:

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