Kepala Babi dalam Masjid?

Three mosques in Kuala Lumpur was desecrated with pig heads. The two mosques are the Masjid Jumhuriyah in Taman Dato Harun and the Al- Imam Tirmizi mosque at Taman Sri Sentosa.
These pig heads (in the picture) was found in a UM mosque.

Tension between religions in this country is getting worse everyday. First the arson attacks on churches and sikh temples. Then the pathetic arson on two Suraus. Now there are people throwing pig heads in mosques.

Is it politically motivated? I don't think so. There are plenty of hooligans in Malaysia to do these things just for the sake of it. Adrenaline junkies yang tak mampu bungee jumping.

But just look at those heads. Do you know how much does a pig head cost? I don't know myself but from what I've heard, it's pretty expensive. What a waste. But thank goodness they lapik the heads with a piece of green cloth.

In the history of Malaysia's animal head protest, the people responsible for this one if by far the most considerate. But this is not something new. Remember this?

I think using cow heads for 'Islamic' protest is far more offensive than the kepala babi incident because for our Hindu friends and family, cows are holy creatures but for muslims, pigs are not unholy. You touch'em, you samak. Habis cerita. They are just animals, like any other animals. They are just dirtier so the washing process is more thorough.

I personally think pigs are cute. Pigs are also very beneficial to us in general. Their organs, blood vessels etc. are very similar to us human so their innards are often used to replace our defective organs. Pigs also made stem cell research to regrow our own organs possible. So I hope my fellow muslims brothers don't make a big fuss just because the hooligans used pig heads and not cow dung.

Muslims should approach this issue dengan penuh cool because really, we have nothing to lose. Protesting will not achieve anything. Rallies will only jam roads and affect productivity of nearby shops and offices. The only party that will benefit from protests and rallies is the 7/11 franchise.

Let's be cool about it and encourage more inter-religion talks and discussions.

And to those responsible for the so called desecration, pigs are cute okay? Even for muslims like me.
Just so you know, the only thing that can offend muslims are for the muslims to react un-Islamically in the name of Islam.
That already happened so none of y'all can beat our own desecration on our own religion.



Alas ken hijau?... hahahaha... ko memang sengaja kan... hahaha

(nothingness) said...

i didn't think PAS was in any way involved in this mess. tak pasal2 kena.


WeAreAllSinners said...

nice letout afiq..
Personally I cant stand the racial issues that are getting worse here in Malaysia. I am a proud Sarawakian, where there are more ethnic, groups, religions and subculture compared to west Malaysia. Yet, we still live in peace and harmony, no fights and people doing shitty stuff like that. To be frank, I feel very disappointed when I saw the news about the churh burning, and crossed my fingers that there would be no retaliation to muslims surau and mosque.But Im disappointed to hear the news that some hooligans tried to retal.

Im not addressing all muslims and all christians in general, but to some EXTREMIST that caused this uproar. Stop this shit before Malaysian youth like me are even ashamed to admit that were Malaysian.
Honestly golongan mcm tu memalukan. Even myself as a young university student, I hope that this uneducated act will stop. We need to educate this people, on how to act sensibly, without letting anger take control.

But then, Malaysian mentality is fucked up. "The young should listen to the old" they say, but how can we listen if the old and mature people act like kids?

I cant wait for this stupid era of extremist and close minded people thats ruling our government and communities to end. And let the more open minded and the new generation who coulnt care less about the ethnicity and skin colour to take over.

fndrocka said...

the reaction is the key