Ikan Kecil Ikan Besar

Dalam hukum Islam, meminum, menjual dan apa-apa kaitan dengan peminuman minuman beralkohol adalah haram sama sekali.
Having that in mind, it is understandable that Kartika (who was caught drinking a bottle of beer) was arrested for commiting a religious offence. However, she is a small fish. She's a mother of two with a husband and worked as a part time model. She is not well-known, influential or wealthy. The offence that she commited was punished because of her circumstances.
What if she was a Datin? Will the religious authorities punish her for drinking a bottle of beer? What do you think will happen?
Shouldn't they also arrest the waitresses at the hotel for serving her alcohol? As far as I am concerned, there is no law about muslims not being allowed to serve alcohol in this country so it is not an offence BUT there were many instances where religious authorities arrested bartenders and waitresses who worked in nightclubs and bars.
If religious authorities could arrest muslim waitresses and bartenders because they serve alcohol to their customers, shouldn't they also arrest Malaysia Airline's muslim air hostess? They too serve alcohol to MAS passengers. But they work under MAS, a big fish. And how about Pernas chains of hotels? Pernas is a malay muslim owned establishment and it also serves alcohol. Shouldn't they be arrested too?
You see where I'm going here?
Ikan Kecil, Ikan Besar.
This is why I think it is unfair for Kartika to be canned. It is unfair because her punishments were made possible because of her status and circumstances. If everyone, no matter how big of a fish they are can get arrested for consuming or selling alcohol, I will totally respect religious authorities to rotan Kartika.
Shall I go to clubs and bars and take pictures of celebrities, high ranking government servants and Datuks/Datins drinking alcohol and submit the pictures to JAWI or JAIS? Even if I do, will they get arrested?



Hukum (Udg2) adalah lembah hitam.... maling2 kecil dihakimi, maling2 besar dilindungi (cover version by The Pips)

sHiKa said...

uh-oh. u made me feel guilty. i once work in a store and there were some alcohol transaction.

btw, thats how things work in msia. the better ass kisser u r, the faster u can be an ikan besar

Matematis Muda said...

an explanation for the previous entry eh?

Afiq Deen said...

Ye. Because i intended to highlight the injustice issue but I think people were more concerned about the punishments.

Aku dah periksa pasal hukuman rotan tu. Memang tak seteruk rotan civil tetapi lebih kurang je. Berbekas dan luka jugak.