Hantu Asrama Majlis Sukan Negara?

I'm not an agnostic but I am a common skeptic. When I first heard about the hauntings happening in Majlis Sukan Negara hostels, the initial thought that ran through my mind came in a form of a sport newspaper headline:
"Atlit Negara Kecundang Akibat Serangan Makhlus Halus"
There were claims that some athletes who lives in the MSN hostel practice black magic to boost their performance but I
The Ustaz of MSN was called in to protect our national athletes. He said he successfully set up walls around the MSN hostel using his prayers and Quranic verses.
Scary eh?
I just think they should cover the scientifically logical causes before asking the Ustaz to put up 'walls'. The invisible wall should be an alternative prevention and not the main solution. If you're sick, will you go to the clinic or the ustaz first?

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Hampa bubuh pendindin lepaih tu benda tu tak buleh nak keluaq... lepaih tu lagu mana?