Dragged to Court for Making Fun of Ahmad Fahrin?

A blogger by the name of Azwad wants me to be dragged into court for writing Ahmad Fahrin Kaki Pukul?

If you've read the post, you will notice that I was poking fun at Fahrin's tearful press release. It seems that Azwad thinks that what I did is against the law. In what country is making fun of celebrities unlawful? Especially when there was no distortion or manipulation of facts? Where I ask you? Afghanistan?

He wrote this in my comment box recently:
Done. This post was emailed to Fahrin's lawyer. The rest is up to Fahrin. Of
course, you're not important to him. Your post is a good evidence of a negative
impact he expected.

We graduated from the same law school and it hurts
me that you are not sensitive at all about his feelings towards his mom.

You don't care. Is it because your parents were divorced when you're
young? You never had what he had?

I was honest (in Arabic its Afiq
right?) when I said you are smart especially after going through many of your
posts here but why all this provocative mannerism? Are you enjoying this?

Of course, you don't care.

To Megat Izzuddin; Law graduate from
UIA right? That disclaimer can't be used. It is as good as the disclaimer in
parking lots. Fiction is not a defence in a defamation suit, only truth is. The
court would look into the impact of the libel while defence of parody is
subjective; it may or may not be used.
Personal attack much?
Who is this guy anyway? Why is he getting so angry over this? So angry that he bothered to browse through my past entries?
Now, since when is making fun of celebrities against the law? They are celebrities and they are tainted with even worse gossips and rumours. Some rumours are even crafted by them to get more media exposure. I didn't make up gossips or rumours or anything like that. I was giving him more internet exposure by writing down my personal opinion of what his statement meant to me.
AND, he even poked fun of my name. Afiq is a common name nowadays. Afiq 20 odd years ago was like today's Danish. But my parents named me because it also means intellectual. What is the purpose of this explaination??
AND, no, I'm not in LAW. I'm in architecture.
AND no, the commenter is not Megat Izzuddin. His real name is Megat Ismail. Did Azwad happened to watch 4 Peringkat Ajal and assumed that the actor Megat Izzuddin is the commenter? He's not even in Law. But it's good that you watch 4PA. Thanks for watching. Appreciate it.
Buat malu la wei. Research Balas Dendam tak betul.
AND it's true, Ann Alien. I have a lot of haters now. This is actually quite worrying. There's a BrownNeck thing going on in Malaysia nowadays and malay muslims are getting more protective and aggressive when it comes to discussion of Islam or Melayu.
AND the intimidation is getting so much more intense. There's a cowboy mentality going around the net now. There's a common pattern:
1. He's saying/writing something that we don't like.
2. Let's set up a FaceBook group dedicated to hating whatever is said/written by this person.
3. Let's take turns and attack the person's morale by cursing his mother, father, future children etc. in his blog in the name of Islam. Allahuakbar!
4. Let's file a police report. Come, we did this before with Aduka Taruna and we can do it again.
5. Let's get him arrested and humiliated for the rest of his life.
6. Let's enjoy our success and organise a kenduri to commemerate the loss of his life, pride, marriage, children, etc.
Now someone wants me to get sued for making fun of a celebrity!
So bizzare. Kalau macam ni, bankrupt la surat khabar dan majalah dalam negara ni!


afiqdon'tcareaboutmothers said...

Azwad went to the same law school with Fahrin le. He told you. That's why he's angry. You think it is about you and your opinions.

You see? Even you don't always understand simple english.

Azwad and me are not personally attacking you but only giving our personal opinions about you just like you. No intimidation here. He did contacted the lawyer, so he said.

From his comments, he only challenged you to say your thought to Fahrin's face. He didn't bring the issue of bringing you to court. You did.

You said "don't care" twice and "its nothing" but now you wrote a post about this.

From the comments, it was you who said Megat Izzi has a law degree. Did you lied? Do you always lie?

Honestly, I think Fahrin won't sue. Not worth the time and effort. But at least he knows what you said. Congrats! You got the attention you craved for.

Afiq Deen said...

Fahrin ahmad has a law degree? Really?

afiqdon'tcareaboutmothers said...

Tukar topik..

[Buat malu la wei. Research Balas Dendam tak betul.]

haidar said...

well, my cousin was from the same law school which fahrin was supposedly to be from.apparently, she said that fahrin didn't even complete his law degree.hmmm......

Afiq Deen said...

Megat Izzy - megat ismail - law degree.

Megat izzuddin - another fren from a megat heritage - psychology.

Get it ?

Why does matter 2 u anyway haha? Just 2 verify dat im a liar u assumed my assumption of azwaf's assumption is false?

sarah said...

Isk isk isk tak pasal-pasal korang gaduh pasal fahrin. buang masa je. ada orang post link blog kau kat blog orang lain.

Aku tak mahu masuk campur. cuma nak beritahu fahrin ahmad asalnya pelajar full time Bachelor Legal Studies (Hons) Uitm tetapi dia tukar kepada part time. Dia grad tahun 2004. Kelayakan dia sama macam Yuna.

Kalau dia nak jadi peguam kena ambil setahun lagi LLB(Hons) baru boleh chambering.

Farid said...

GAWD! This is so stupid! Really guys?! Really? Are you kidding me with this bullshitery?! For fuck's sake, it's some guy that you don't even know.

Yes, there is a difference between the people you know and the people you see on tv that you think you know.

Why are you so worked up about someone who probably has tonnes of hate mail mixed in his fan mail to begin with. And seriously, the fact that you kept track of his educational background is all kinds of wrong and creepy ass stalker shit. People should have freedom of expression on their blogs because, wait for it, it's their blog!

Seriously, take the sticks out of your asses and just let this one slide. Fahrin Ahmad is only human, but with they way you guys are going all out to defend his pride makes me think that he's the prophet himself or something.

fahrin ahmad said...

thanks to those backing me up.
i can't find that post anymore.


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