Kemangkatan Sultan Iskandar of Johor

Sultan Iskandar was pronounced dead on Friday. Johoreans are urged to show their condolences by performing tahlil and wearing black and white clothes for three days after the late Sultan's death.
There are many controversies revolving the late Sultan and it is customary for malays and muslims not to speak or mention negative things about those who are recently deceased. Strangely enough, more people are looking for information about him online, even more than when he was alive.
He has his share of controversies and not to mention several cases of abuse and manslaughter but we shall not dwell on these matters because he is no longer with us. His misdeeds and sins will now be judged by God Almighty and not us mere mortals.
You can read more about the life and death of the late Sultan here, in his own wiki page.
What can I say? We are not perfect. We all have our shares of sins. However, this doesn't stop people from ridiculing the late Sultan. If all, we should look at the brighter side of things. Now royalties are no longer immuned to civil laws.
Because of the late Sultan Iskandar, we enjoy a better justice system than before.

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