Oh Tuhanku!

10 churches attacked? This is a new low for Malaysia. I can't believe this is happening in my beloved country!
But it is somewhat inevitable. Inevitable as in memang disangka akan berlaku. With students racially marginalised since they were 7, there were/are very little contact between races and religions.
I didn't get offended by the Allah issue because I've been priviledged to be schooled in multi-racial schools. But for many other malays, they don't get to befriend people of different races. That is the root of our problem right now. We have very little in common. Very very little. That is why we can't seem to put our feet in their shoes.
When France banned the use of the hijjab, we got so mad that we boycotted french product for a while. Now Malaysia is banning the word Allah and other 'Islamic' words that have been used by Christian sects for centuries. Now they are boycotting our products. We are now the enemy.
During the Hijjab debacle in France, the french reacted poignantly. They debated on the issue reasonably without straining more tension. But we Malaysians reacted like Pakistanis, Iraqis and Sudanese. We reacted with rage and anger. We politicised the issue. We threw Molotov cocktails at churches. All in the name of God?
When MAIM banned 33 words related to Islam, I can't help but to wonder.. "Macam mana budak SPM nak belajar Sejarah Islam?"
And look at how some muslims reacted to my recent post on the 33 words banned by MAIM.
Are these people capable of debating in a reasonable manner? I don't think so. See how I use the term "these people". I do not relate to them. I do not reflect their sentiments. I'm a muslim but I am a learned muslim. I know what I'm talking about and I'm not afraid of discussions. I may be wrong so I open my mind to other people's point of view but when I am confronted with hostility, it is only natural for me to close my door and shoo the culprit away. The same can be said to everyone, muslim or not.
If we are truly muslims, we should send representatives to discuss and debate on this issue openly. With open minds and open hearts. For all the Imams and Ustaz out there, STOP rallying followers for this 'holy' cause and start befriending priests near your area. You're a model muslim citizen. Act like one.
And to all muslims offended by my last entry, please reread the content. It's not a joke against my religion. It's a solution for non-muslims to understand Islam. With these substitute words, non-muslims can better understand Islam without getting fined or jailed or both.


datin seri syaripa noli said...

buat apa nk discuss discuss lagi.dah too late..churches pun dah terbakar..

you think if one of the chinese or indians go and throw bombs at masjid negara...you think the Malays will still want to discuss with u.


Would the Government concentrate on Governing already... and the Opposition, can you guys please Oppose like you are supposed to as in "check and balance"? Ini tak, check pun tak balance pun tak. Check and balance means opposing only if it is out of frame.. not oposng everything God Damn.. oops..Allah Damn thing...

love_angel~ said...

hmm..I'm scared..I don't want this country to be a war country..pliz people..we have innocent people live in this land ..stop fighting like immatured person..think wisely..huhu

Ann Alien said...

It's really humiliating for me as a Malay/Muslim (even if I'm not Malaysian) to wake up and see the church burning news in Yahoo! SG headlines. A picture of a crying old Chinese woman and by the side, the words that incriminate a fellow Malay/Muslims.

My Chinese friends have all been going, "Eh, what's going on with your people in M'sia ah? Use one word also kena burn." or worse, "Tell us honestly. Does your religion really let people do these things whenever it's offended?"

These are people with whom I've discussed extensively about interfaith matters. These are people with whom with only with years of friendship and hours of discussion do they begin to respect and even love Islam because of it's similarity to Christianity and how unlike Christianity, it goes through greater lengths to shield its followers from evil. All those discussions totally disregarded because of these fool church burners.

I don't even blame it. Sure they were able to ignore the Iraqis and the Pakistanis because it's happening so far away. It's probably a cultural/political thing. But when it happens in Malaysia, our closest neighbour, of course they will start to think OMG how long will it take til that shit comes to our country? Could Ann be mistaken about Islam? It's happening just right down the block after all.

Oh God. Don't these church burners realise they're smearing the name of Muslims all over the world with their pyromaniac hands? It's not a Malaysia thing, it's a Muslim thing!

Whatever happened to the concept of da'wah? How many would-be converts have these fools cast doubt in? How many interfaith friendships have they shaken and even burned?

The church burners are not just inspiring fear in the so-called infidels. The Muslims are terrified too.

tia said...

lecturer kita berkata, dalam agama kita, kita dilarang membakar/merosakkan rumah ibadat orang-orang bukan islam apatah lagi menyakiti orang yang bukan islam.dia berkata islam bukan agama yang mmepraktikkan kekerasan.. apa yang insan-insan ini lakukan melampaui ajaran agama kita..mereka melukakan hati-hati penganut kristian dan sewaktu dengannya..mereka menggunakan agama kita demi memperjuangkan emosi mereka. mereka sungguh melampau..terkejut kita membca entri afiq ni..mereka sangat melampau..melukakan imej islam, bak kata kawan kita, cuba bayangkan kalau mereka menyerang masjid-masjid kita..?takutnya dengan orang malaysia sekarang

Afiq Deen said...

At first, I had the impression that these church attacks were isolated cases, done by random overly emotional muslims.

But when you see the reaction of many muslims online, whether its in my blog or others', it surprised me how so many people are so caught up with their emotions and spew so much hatred towards christians and so-called christian sympathisers.

I hate to repeat this again but this is a clear indication of the first class facility third class mentality attittude.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro,its simple.If you want to pick up a fight,talk abt religion!..and it will never end.People get emotional abt religion and different people perceive things differently.Its not abt being smart or knowledgeable,but its abt tolerance.Probably choose another subject next time...

Afiq Deen said...

Tolerance and respect. Never intended to pick a fight, never did.

But I was wrong to expect people to discuss calmly about this issue. I was very wrong.

noni itu saya said...

just to share:

Anonymous said...

Well done Bro'.There is nothing wrong to admit that you are wrong,even if you are right.That shows you are humble before god,ALLAH ALmighty.ALLAH YANG MAHA ESA...Which is beyond comparison,above everything.Let ALLAH as it was and let it be.

epul said...

Menyekat dakwah...How can a person who interested in Islam cannot say all these words?

Imagine, one who interested to be a muslim, how can he/she learn if they are forbidden to say such words? How can they attracted to Islam?

Anonymous said...

we have to understand Iman, Islam and Ihsan very well and clearly before putting out some blogs and have a high confidence that we're in the right thinking..and worst of all, did our thinking that have been put in writing will be a "misleading" reference to these people..and i mean this non-muslim or muslim who think he/she is a Muslim

put aside ur judgement whether u're first class thinking (in which u put the reason on learning Islam will make u eligible to write based on your logic concensus) or this 3rd class thinking (those who belive in Allah and Islam) and seen as extremist and fanatics.

don't put this "we have to be open and thinkin out-of-the-box mentality" to justify our wrong cause on this matter. but perhaps to take case-on-case studies based on our 4 recognized scholars.

but to think of it, i could just open up a blog and write issue like this, and i believe many of this other religious frenz will put their reason based on logic..as i see the same thing with these so-called modern Muslim thinking, which is more towards Syirik; in which its not just based on ur action but also ur believe and words.

Anonymous said...

..and i said..this is the price of our freedom of speech and writing in Malaysia..

it always start with why did my religion caps this sort of things..i'm ashamed of it..

then..i believe i have the adequate knowledge to at least shows the other bloggers i am an open-minded Muslim..

later..the thinking of because i think i have adequate knowledge in islam..we have to separate it from our daily activity..later afraid will be the barrier of modernization and the advancement of thinking..the same case happen when Mustapha Kamal Attarturk implement the secularisme in Turky

finally..when too much thinking made, with 'emptiness" in heart and a claimable Muslim that needs to be open-minded or else he fall to this 3rd class thinking.. will eventually have the thought of is there is God?..or was it other religions that is showing the corect path for me?

then..losing his faith and worst of all, spread his believe under the freedom of speech and thinking cause to make others believe..like the sequence that have been promised during the end day (akhir zaman) in our Umul-Kitab, Al-Quran (not Shakespeare or Nostradamus tau)

Anonymous said...

..seen the link for this blog as a laughin stock from my frenz in FB..

damn..i should have known another matured "school boy" thinking wanna-be..sigh

sorry with a regret to open it up and laughin back again..need to write this on the wall..thanx