The Countdown

In The Countdown, I summarised the events that happened in one week into one day. So it is basically a compilation of miscellaneous clips I shot in one week. It is interesting to see the diversity of our culture in a short period of time. We don't have to look far for displays of cultural diversity because we actually live it.
Long story short, The Countdown is a semi-fictional account of what I saw 24 hours before Malaysia's Independence Day.

I just wish I whipped out my camera more often but scary lah, you know, the video camera being new and all..

Enjoy the video!


Moon said...

looks good!

Cakra said...

Nice Video!

Lisa Farhana said...

love the music
and the taekwondo kid bit.
makes me smile somehow.

great job!

fadz said...

there r moments, but it got carried away d last few seconds.

Afiq Deen said...

aha.. i see. it didnt matter much because its not for a competition or anything serious like that. it was just a compilation with no intention to impress anyone (especially myself)

But i appreciate ur comments.

: )

shamel said...

the strength of it could be d music that went just nice with d movements of people and various clips u added.

emm..aku ske kat 2:40, part tudung nasi beryani dibuka! huu

Afiq Deen said...

anyone notice the desaturation in the beginning n how it becomes more and more colourful as the video progresses?

I didn't have any storyline so I thought the colour play could be a storyline of its own.