Khutbah Jumaat Should:

Be more interesting. I know the khutbah is to remind the muslim community but it doesn't have to boring and daft. Who would take whatever the Khatib say seriously if it's so boring?
Be informative. Why always talk about heaven and hell, sins and deeds? Talk about ways to conserve energy, how to rejuvenate muslim communities, how to eat in an Islamic manner. You know, stuff that's useful to everyone.
Be constantly peppered with smiles. Why is it that the Khatib is alway angry or sad. Is it because Islam is an angry and sad religion?
Be interactive. I know it's not a forum but it is permissable to ask questions to the Khatib if something presented by the Khatib is vague.
Be entertaining a bit. A bit lah. No, the Khatib don't have to pose like Lady Gaga! (reference joke) but he can tell some jokes to make sure everyone's awake.
Be thought provoking. It should challenge the negativity revolving Islam in the community and not condone it. There are too many khutbahs that hightlights urbanites and their wretched ways. Be more localised, more specific, more insightful.
Prepare alternatives for local folks to practice Islam fully. Don't condemn. Give alternatives.
Stop using kids to collect donation. This is CHILD ABUSE. I repeat, CHILD ABUSE.
Not talk negatively about tomorrow's concert (MTV WorldStage)
(note: Guys the Gaga competition is still on until midnight tonight to send them in quickly.)

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