Right To Dream

This is the first of 3 videos I made while I'm in Penang and Alor Setar. This video is a one minute video for Unicef for its Children's Right Convention. I really hope I get a shot of winning because if I do, the video will be previewed around the globe.

Imagine the number of people I can educate and enlighten about children's rights!

Make sure you watch the video and comment/critisize so I can further improve in making effective videos in the future.



Fadzli said...

well done, a good kickstart.

ms said...

a very good production, and one of a kind, as usual lah.

Love the wording and thread part.

However, I felt something wasn't right. Maybe the part when the kids holding the frame with caption.

I assume that you want to tell the viewer, to imagine how cruel and sad if those ambitious children happen to have... you know, like what the caption says.

I think it's better to frame the child and caption it graphically using computer effects (and make the time freeze), rather that ask them to hold it... The 'feel' kinda lost when they do it.. (and shaking the carboard... LOL)

Just my 2 cents. I do realize it is not easy to make computer effect as we want it to be... :P

Overall, it is good as it is.. :D

CarutPelbagaiKaedah said...

breeliiantt..good kik stat afiq

Blog Anuar Kamaruddin™ said...

hebat afiq =D

Matematis Muda said...

it's nice. super-nice. cuma agak kecewa sikit sebab was expecting something newer/fresher. sebeb pasal 'their dream' ni macam dah biasa gak a dengar. tp taktau gak nak bagi idea apa. so, sorry.

but its a nice vidz

Andrea C said...

I think it's sweet. I also think that you shouldn't take everyone's opinion seriously. Some but not all. If I'm not mistaken you start making videos two years ago and already you won numerous awards. Be confident in yourself and your works.

I know I won't make a difference by telling you that you're naturally talented in this but you are... so don't be over-sensitive about people's negative reactions to your work.

i'm_siCK_n_tiReD said...

i think this is not the best video u make..

but looking 4wd to the other 2..

good luck!



I think

"we have a duty to protect children's rights"

"Children have rights"

... unless somebody else is preventing us from protecting children's rights, then we can say that it is our Right to Protect Children...

Question: is the video on "right of children" or right of adults to protect children"?

Afiq Deen said...

both, ritz.

AJ said...

quite average

Afiq Deen said...

thanks MS for ur feedback. I edited out the cardboard part before it was too late. Thank GOD u reaffirm my stand on the cardboard bits.

Thanks Sid! No video is my best la actually. We move on n improve, no?

I will try to not dissapoint you next time AJ!

i'm_siCK_n_tiReD said...

i like the one bout hijrah..yes?

fadz said...


kitt said...

great vid...

but how bout making it more critical,where most children facing a lot of limitation.. a lot of "don't do this..don't do that.."
or putting negative mindset to them..
"buat la macam ni, nanti kena rotan baru tau.." "pegi la main jauh2, nanti keling botol culik..baru tau!"
instead of motivate them, give the freedom (with guidance,not forcing)for them to determine their nright future..

hahah..crit session mmg best ..tapi buat sndiri, terkebil jugak..


Afiq Deen said...

yeah, since u already have the idea, why don't you make a video?

Haha.. like I insinuated many many times before: easier said than done.

The deadline's over anyway so I can't make anymore ads.