Writing Vidai

Vidai is the title of the short film I'm making for a Tamil channel on Astro. Vidai means seed.
It's about a seed given by a dying old man to his four children. Before blowing his last breath, he told his children that the seed will show four people the meaning of true happiness.
After his death, the eldest dug a hold and planted the seed thinking that it will grow into a fruit tree and produce fruits for him, his siblings and their families... but the seed had other plans.
The seed will show the true meaning of happiness to an angry breadseller, two lovers who have never met each other, a kid who never won a game of marble and a graduate who is desperate for a job.
I notice how all tamil movies made in Malaysia are long winded family dramas or violent confrontational flicks so I decided to go against the tide and make a funny and comical short film. The cast will be very Malaysian. There will be chinese, indian and malay playing crucial roles and speaking tamil.
This is by far the oddest short film I've ever intend to make not because it's in tamil but because it's a simple and happy short film. (I won't kill anyone!)
Any ideas to develop this short film is very much appreciated but I can't give away the plot. That you have to wait and see for yourself!



Babel-ly.. can't wait..

KakaXY said...

i believe it'll be another masterpiece from afiQ. cant wait. all the best on ur vadey..err i mean vidai

Anonymous said...

wow!!! how on earth..wait..where on earth u do u get that much of free time? in my calculation, u should be in ur 5th year now...i think u should quit wathever ur doing and just be a director!!! and make raya commercials..heeee =D good luck!!

Afiq Deen said...

I can't wait either!

mushroomHONEYDEW said...

salam ziarah..
just dropping by to tell u there is video competition at d link below..
if u dun mind u still can be the entrant despite the deadline is end of this month..since u r talented in making video i think it just nice to tell u..good luck..;)

- http://www.unicef.org/voy/takeaction/takeaction_4439.html
- http://www.aseankorea.org/hanasean/english/2009ASEAN.htm?lang=ENG