Camera Rolling, On Cue!

Yesterday I went to learn a thing or two about how to shoot a drama. Wait, I'm being modest, I learned a tonne of things. I was at Pullman hotel observing, meddling and asking questions. Some of the crew were in a rush so I had to be careful with my tact and timing. It's a good thing that there were some practical students there. They were more than willing to anwer my queries and helped me an aweful lot.
I was only there to witness the process of filming three scenes which took five hours. There were three things that I focused on:

1. Camera work (panning, zooming)

2. Audio

3. Lighting

It was a Raya special so I wasn't expecting much (you know what I mean laah...) While the technicians worked on the set, actors and extras spent most of their time melangau (doing nothing) and smoking like chimneys. While they were put on make up, the only actress who bothered to do something with her free time with some reading was Cheryl Samad.

The best thing that I experienced is that I had the opportunity to watch the stereotype you guys like to make fun of about malay dramas.

No, it's not the desperate ex-Akademi Fantasia stars trying out their acting skill to compensate for their failures in the music industry. It's not about the cliche restaurant scenes either.
It's the infamous Fresh Orange!
I was tempted like hell to ask the director "What's up with malay dramas and orange juice?" but I refrained. Orang juice is close to their hearts like the thought of winning an Oscar is to mine.
As the scene goes, Dani was trying to mengorat Serena but it seems that Serena was out of his league. Being the desperate charmer that he is, he asked a waitress to bring her a drink (you know like orang putih buying martinis for the chicks they intend to bang)
Guess what did he order... (check out the waitress)
Another orange juice!


Rob Chia said...

HOMG! Orange Juice! You're AWESOME!

nurulshima said...

the juice looks soooo, sedap ;)

KakaXY said...

i guess they prefer to call it fresh orange than orange juice.

KakaXY said...

better than sky juice. no?

Afiq Deen said...

haahkan. Fresh orange. but grape, lemon and carrot juice are not called fresh grape, fresh lemon or fresh carrot. I think it's to distinguish the newly squeezed orange juice from the cordial ones.


Fres Orens...

i'm_siCK_n_tiReD said...

racist between fruit juices...huhuhu..