Afiqsays World Stage Challenge Winner: Yasmine Tran!

Congratulation Yasmine, you won yourself TWO GOLD MTV WORLDSTAGE ASIA TICKETS brought to you by Celcom's X-PAX!

Now you have to give me an sms or a call: 016 - 289 9681 so I can tell you when and where I'll give the tickets on Saturday.


CarutPelbagaiKaedah said...

erm..think i pass la dis one..hehe

tia said...

lady gagap or lady gaga?
you are so!
funny!!! said...

done. check ur inbox. ;)

Afiq Deen said...

masuk la tia, buat ngan kawan2

tia said...

dah ad pemenang!kewl abes..
suka lady gaga..
tapi macam pelik je kalau kt amek gambar macam tu.
congrats to the winner!
cantik nyer that girl..

kaoru said...

eyh dak skolah g eh , comey . fiq aper kater post gak gmbr orang2 lain yg submit.

i'm_siCK_n_tiReD said...

oh my...she's so gaga~~