I'm off to Penang to shoot a breast cancer short film and one third of "Vidai". Thanks to MushroomHoneyDew, I'll be also be making two campaign ads.
I was also summoned to attend Prem's wedding. Prem is the son of my childhood nanny Auntie Saras. Indian wedding cuisine, making film and lots of sun. I think my trip to Penang is more of a vacation than anything else!
It has been a long time since I last rode a bus so I decided to take the risk of getting killed on the highway (remember last year's massacre?) Nothing much changed. The RM9 surcharge is still charged to all tickets even though the petroleum price is back to normal last year. Bus operators make a cool RM9 off every passenger and no one complained. Well, I did. 5 times. Puduraya is still Wild Wild West. Crazy ulat trying to entice naive looking ah chais like me with catcalls.
But it'll take a human tragedy to get authorities off their comfy seats. I can imagine the headline already: "Ibu dan lapan anak tersadai di Puduraya kerana tidak mampu membeli tiket bas ke kampung" and there'll be a smaller header: "Kementerian Pengangkutan kesal operator bus tidak menghentikan surcaj bas"


tia said...

malaysia sangat aneh.
frustrated bila nak pergi mana-mana..
mahal betul..
pergi kl dari muar cuma kena,
before harga minyak naik..
after 2008 and masuk 2009..
adoi mahalnyer.

maybe hikmah nyer suruh kita duduk rumah je kowt?


Haha has "Babu" been relegated to the shelves where movie scripts go marked "someday"?

Anyway if work is to you a holiday, life would then be a picnic... the envy of many...

Have fun, God bless and Break a leg!!

Mr NAEmnzr said...

i 1 2 add.
...n those ulats9some of them) sumtime r very very rude!!!!

1 of the ulats asked me yesterday. "nk pegi mn dik?"
n i answered "x pegi mana2,baru smpai..nk balik PJ".
and he said **** mak,org tanya betul2,jwb la betul2".

the thing was, i did answer 'betul2' as i jz arrived from perlis and HAVE to go through the tix counters to go to the plaza rakyat lrt station.hmm...i dunno wht to say!!!

Moja Amin said...

patutlah tidak mengonline.
vidai vidai vidai.

Afiq Deen said...

ape ke bongok hikmah tu! hahaha.

I've more 3 dozens screenplays that I keep in my laptop. Some stories will make it, some won't. Yeah I will have loads of that.

K, so conclusionnye, kebanyakan ulat di Puduraya bermulut cencaluk!