Making Sebelah

I'm watching Wong Kar Wai's 2046 for the third time to study its unique art direction. Wong Kar Wai is known for his unconventional storytelling techniques. To most audience who are accustomed to conventional commercial movies, Wong Kar Wai's movies would be frowned upon but I love them. My favourite is (still) Chungkin Express.
I've been marinating a script for a very short film for weeks already. Marinating, as in plotting the flow of events and visualising the direction. I still haven't decided how to end the 3 minutes film but it has to be done before tomorrow because tomorrow is the destined day for me to shoot "Sebelah"
I think I'm instinctively good in narratives but I lack realism. I don't mind this fact one bit. Realism has its fair share of fans. So is the bizzare and unrealistic. I have in mind something realistic in its essence but unrealistic in its narratives. Or in other words, a 'true' story with a fictional method of storytelling. Or if summed into one word, stylised. Or experimental. Pick your poison.
It'll be my second serious short film so I'm very excited to do this! It'll also be challenging because it has to be shorter or exactly 3 minutes. How very exciting!
But the ending...! How how how lahh! Any ideas guys?
Sebelah is about a young woman who survived breast cancer but her left breast was cut off and replaced with a silicon implant. She feels ugly so she compensated her innate void by putting on heavy make up and dressing up elaborately whenever she gets out of her house. So something happened while she was out (I won't tell what) that made her rush back to her house. She then discovered that her breast implant never affected her beauty in the first place. But how will she discover this? Should I make the ending totally unrelated to her breast(s)? I think its fitting because it puts her mind off it. But I don't know..... macam mana ni?


tia said...

good idea.
tapi apa motif u ni..
nak promote pink ribbon kew?
taknak tunjukkan apa kebaikan pd diri dia yang dia sendiri pun tak nampak.
dia seorang yang tolerate.
nampak sombong tapi baik hati..
atau sebenarnya baik
ada seorang lelaki satu bus dengan dia or lrt or pape jela public transportation,
selalu perhatikan dia.
dari belakang.
and sangat kagum dengan sikap perempuan ni,
even dia tidak pernah lihat wajah perempuan tu..jatuh cinta.
dengan tnapa kenal perempuan tu sape.
always tertanya-tanya siapa perempuan tu.
laki tu pun bukan baik sangat.
tapi dia macam suka tengok perempuan tu.
tu je ar..
dah blur lima minit.

macam cliche' je.

Afiq Deen said...

haah. mmg cliche.


i'm_siCK_n_tiReD said...

wong kar wai.. the same person makes fallen angels n happy together??

I'm so suprised on how he direct n makes the film beautifully flows..

Like me floating in the air.

tia said...

it is?
oh no~~~~~~

Ritz Chewan said...

Lawan dengan godzilla, inner strength...

1minutefilmreview said...

Nice write-up. We're WKW fans too. Good luck on your short films. :)