Where Oh Where?

For many years, one particular question haunts every new year's eve, birthday and maal hijrah I ever had. It's "Where Oh Where Will I be in 5 Years" I could've chosen 2 or 10 years but 5 is more believable for anything drastic to happen.
Now that I'm old enough to clean the toilet without being told, I don't ask this question to myself anymore. I'm beginning to look at things in retrospect. Like an old japanese man sipping tea to the memory of his dead wife. "I will" is more action than ambition. "I am" is what I am and not what I think of myself. "I am" beginning to be more realistic nowadays. Realistic in a sense that I'm open to lateral possibilities. I know which hole I can fit in and which hole I can learn to fit in. I just don't barge in anymore.
For example:
15 years ago, I wanted to be an architect.
7 years ago, I wanted to be a project manager.
5 years ago, I wanted to be an engineer.
2 years ago, I wanted to be an entrepreneur.
Now I want to make films, documentaries, commercials, music videos and other fast-paced images that conjures into impressions, expressions and passions.
Personality-wise, I'm still pretty much a lazy, messy, reckless and childish human being but at least I got my career binoculars properly tuned.

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tia said...

u can do it..
be the best among the best..