Tomorrow: Preview of 'Projek Merdeka Adik'

Raya is around the corner. Wait, that is a flawed expression. Raya is not around the corner. Raya is in the end of PLUS's tunnel. It is there. It is near. It is on Sunday.
I can never comprehend the joy of raya. Joy have always been there but I refused it to be the reason why I smile. I smiled because of the ketupat pulut, rendang and lemang. But I have a feeling that this raya will be different.
Nothing much will change this year. Same-old, same-old but something changed. I think it's me. The ghoul in the form of hormones exorcised itself out from this body of mine. That, or this is the first raya in a decade that I balik kampung in a proper car (Mazda RX8) and not in a creaky bus. Bus trips back to kampung is a journey of torture because:
1. It is like gambling and your only chip is your LIFE. Statistic of road collision is at its peak around and during raya.
2. Even though you might buy your bus tickets a month in advance, the probability of you riding a bas tambahan is as high as that day's accident rate.
In this day and age, people no longer send cards. They send SMSes and tag you in their raya picture on Facebook. We no longer bother to cook a lot during raya and prefer to buy from professional and experienced rendang scientist. Believe me, rendang is an intricate science. Some might still do what they've been doing for years but I'm all up for an overhaul. Raya for me should be more spiritual than physical. Thank you technology!
It's all about connecting, celebrating and the spiritual art of eating.
Selamat Hari Raya guys! Thank you for reading my blog, watching my videos and sharing my interests.
And yes, I named my Malaysia-themed short film "Projek Merdeka Adik". It will be featured tomorrow. It's a short film specifically made for children but it is still relatable for us adults. Chewah, adults! It's a shortie to proof that I also can make happy films with filling endings.
Make sure you watch it tomorrow peeps! And don't forget to give you much appreciated feedbacks!


Qarl said...


salam eid mubarak

maaf zahir batin yaa...

xsabar tunggu "projek merdeka adik"

i've watched "sebelah" & "right to dream"

i tot nk share my views with u last thurs masa preview "Papadom".. rupenya ajami xdpt no.hp u n xdpt contact u..
--btw, d food dat day was awesome! haha

k, hv a safe journey


Afiq Deen said...

yep. i wasnt invited by i will watch the movie when it gets out.

I can't wait either for Projek Merdeka Adik. It's a fun shortie so have fun lah, takyah fikir byk2 sgt.