Thanks Syahiran!

Syahiran Sukardi pitched in an idea for a documentary that I really really like. It's about the KTM train in Kelantan.
I'm doing research on the subject and then I will get clearance and permission to shoot. Wednesday, Everyday is still ON but it's more of a personal project. The KTM documentary will be a joint-venture project with more than 5 people working on it. Syahiran will be the photography director and Idris and Nik (both of them acted in 4 Peringkat Ajal) will edit the whole 15 minutes documentary. I will of course helm the director's seat.
This is all very sudden. From short films to documentary. I think it's a positive progress. Maybe I have talents I never knew I have in making documentaries.
We'll just have to watch and give our verdict shall we?
At the mean time, I'm still figuring out the storyline in Wednesday, Everyday.

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