I Need A Name

Internet is out so I'm blogging from my phone.

I'm currently editing a 5 minute short film. It is about a little girl who noticed that there are no Malaysian flags at her neighbourhood a day before Independance Day. She made a flag and set out to the park to hang it there.

That's basically the gist of it. I can't give away the plot lah nanti tak best. Do you guys have any idea what I should name this short film?


Anonymous said...


Puteri said...


Hehehe, not the most original. But straight to the point =)

I like the idea Pacak also btw.

KakaXY said...


Anonymous said...

i like pacak. but sounds..like a war movie or smthng..

how bout... bintang? as in the bintang in the flag?

or Unstripped. wait..how do u spell it? Stripes.. ok ineed to look at the dictionary.


Afiq Deen said...

I like Bendera.. Okaylah, Bendera it is!