Race Rant #1

I noticed how Malaysia is depicted as a multiracial country, as if that's something we should be very proud of, as if that's unique. Videos, short films with a Malaysia theme has a staple malay-chinese-indian cast. I find this hypocritical. I also find it funny that urbanites are the most enthusiastic about the 1 Malaysia concept. Funny because non-malay city folks prefer to send their children to Jenis schools or private chinese or indian schools. And yet they are excited about the 1 Malaysia concept. Funny because every race has their own television channels and radio stations. Funnylah, just funny. And hypocritical.

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Sebab kita celebrate our individuality and unity. Kita tak suruh orang cina tukar nama jadi Rudy Hartono atau Thaksin Shinawathra. Leh?