Afiq's Next Big Project

I am thinking of making a documentary. I haven't made one since "Istana Sepahchendra". In Istana Sepahchendra, I was the assistant director even though I did all the directing but I had no creative control over the whole project.
Why a documentary?
Because to make a documentary, I don't need actors and actresses and I can work in my own pace. However, I can't work alone. I need good writers to come up with a script for the narration. So if you think you're a good writer, send a sample of your work to me at Yes, yes, you will get paid!
Why a documentary?
Because it has no boundaries in terms of viewership. I'm also planning to send my documentary to Festival Filem & Video Pelajar Malaysia and some international festivals.
What documentary?
I'm still scouting for anything interesting in Malaysia that is worthy of a documentary. I need you help readers! What do you think I should make this documentary about? Pitch in your ideas. If I'm interested of your idea and decided to use it, you will get the credit as the content creator.
So guys, jangan malu-malu, pitch in!


khairul said...

how about Natrah Maria Hertogh and its consequences in the 21st century?

Afiq Deen said...


Jannah said...

I don't have anything for you, but I'm excited that you're planning on a documentary! Documentary..hmm. This should be interesting. Knowing you, this could turn out to be a documentary with a twist. ;)

(Btw, Natrah sounds interesting to me too. When I first read about her in newspapers, I was wondering why diorang tak letak Natrah as one of the topics dalam pelajaran kita? I mean, there are a lot of reasons why they should include her story in our sejarah.. hmm)