Tak Jadi

If you've been following my blog from a year ago, you will notice that I blog a lot about making videos that I eventually didn't. It as if I discarded them like bad memories. But if you haven't notice yet, memories are time travellers. I didn't throw them away because I wanted to but because I didn't have the means or time to execute my plans.

This time around, I won't promise anything until I actually finish my video. I will then pretend that I'm working on something (that is already done) to get people to anticipate the end result.

Banyak benda yang tak jadi dalam kehidupan yang fana ini.
Like my plans to lose weight. I realised today I love food so much that it is pointless to try to get rid of excess fat by eating less. Refusing perut masak lemak is like refusing to breathe in air. So I bought a pair of tubes for tubing exercises and will use them for my daily strength workout. If you're about to google tubes, let me make your internet life easier. This is an exercise tube:

I'm living example of how mankind is a step closer of evolving into a sloth so I need to get stronger. Strength exercises can also increase muscle mass and naturally get the body metabolism running. Now I don't need dumbells to do my workout. I can do a thorough workout with a portable and mobile tube.

It has been 6 months since I last worked out. You heard me right. SIX MONTHS. I want to make tubing a lifestyle because it doesn't require much to do. Just time and good music.

I felt like posting pictures of my progress from today but then again, nanti blog ni jadi macam blog berunsur lucah. Maybe I should. Or not. Or I can just create another blog under a different name and post my progress there. Yes, that is what I'll do.


tia said...

apa tuh?
kira baik ada azam..
kalau i yang tak berazam ni camner..
dahlah baru lepas raya.
perut dah macam ibu mengandung..
next week ada fitness test..
kena buat sit up..
ibu mengandung punya perut buat sit up..
lari 400 m 6 kali under 12 minute..

pape pun..
jiayo..(dah tak taw nak cakap apa macam salah topik je..)


Hope not to see it on afiQsells... hehe