Irony and Wisdom

It is not apt for me to talk about wisdom because I am considerably young and the grand irony of life has not taken a toll on me yet. But irony is something we experience everyday and as the irony gets deeper, so is our level of wisdom.

But I am not wise. I am perceptive to irony but my reaction to it shows my immaturity as a human being.

Today when a rep from Leo Burnett called and told me to send a few sample videos, I took a short nap knowing that there's Internet at Nael's apartment and I can send the email whenever I want before the rep's lunch break. Just before 12, I went Nael's apartment and found out that his internet connection was cut off.

I rushed to a nearby shop lots, parked my car and looked for an internet cafe. I asked around and was sent back and fourth at the deceptively large rows of shop lots. After an hour of sweaty adventure, I was about to give up and almost decided to send the email after the lunch break. On my way to my parked car, I stopped for a while, reflecting on my previous mistake. I thought to myself. "God wants me to work harder if I want to get this."I turned my back and walked back to the shop lots.

And there, right in front of my parked car is a cyber cafe. How could've I missed it? Someone cynical who probably denies the importance of mistakes and consequences might think of this experience as being caused by my carelessness. But I would like to learn to see beyond that, beyond the drop of indigo and observe the ripples of the milk's surface.

God works in mysterious ways.

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