Internship Hunting

CD is short for Creative Director. CDs are the people who hire interns and juniors. I've just finished my book. Book is another term for portfolio. I learned all the lingo from Pick Me: Breaking into advertising and staying there by Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin. This book may very well save my life!
PIE (referring to blog header) is an acronym for Passion, Ideas and Enthusiasm and not the actual image of a honey crusted blueberry pie with cherry flavoured glazing. The blog header is also the cover of my book. That and a large caption that says "Will Do Internship for FREE"
Tomorrow I'm going to Saatchi & Satchi and Ogilvy and Mather to litter their offices with my book and hopefully get a chance to meet their Creative Directors. I can assure you that the smell seeping out of my sentences is not coming from the imaginative blueberry pie. It's the stench of desperation.

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