Kena Rasuk

I saw a lady who was supposedly possessed by a jin today. She was in her sister's car and was ready to take off from their home until she suddenly became violent and screeched her heart out. A school girl (probably her niece) rushed back inside and called for an elderly man.
The elderly man talked to the jin and again, she was in a fit. She slapped the old man's hand with the elegance of a mak yong dancer. The old man held her hands and mumbled Quranic verses. I videotaped the whole incident from my window but I don't think it's appropriate to upload it in youtube. I edited the videos into a 5 minute documentary and even included spooky background music. Hobby.
Although I acknowledge the existence of Jin I do not believe that we human beings are capable of being possessed by jin. During the ottoman empire period, it was believed that patients with epilepsy is possessed by jin and the only cure is exorcism. Today we know that epilepsy is caused by brain damage.
In my opinion, people who are possessed by jin has psychological problems like bipolar disoder or depression. Since malay muslims are not keen of seeking proper help when a family member has mental problems, they opt for traditional treatment usually done by bomohs or ustazs. It works wonders for some and others are left jaded by the prospect of ever inviting a religious looking man into their homes.
For those who were cured by bomohs, what can I say. Faith is a powerful thing. The human mind is capable of things we can never imagine or anticipate.
This is why magical spells are only effective when used against or for people who believes in the supernatural. This is why Daniel Radcliffe tak kena sampuk and Saiful Apek had to go to Indonesia to berubat. This is why Miley Cyrus Anti-fans can only send hateful comments on her youtube videos and Ziana Zain had to put an invisible wall around her house.


Anoneemus™ said...

I like how u end this entry.

btw, typo-
'A school girl (probably her nephew) rushed into...'

her niece kut?a girl kan?

Afiq Deen said...

haah tak perasan

doo-dah said...

ahh,always the skeptical arent u?
besides,demonic possession are common in the western world as well.We just dont hear about it that much as we do here among the malay community.a fren of mind in the UK who is a catholic once said he had demons living in his yes ,in my opinion if a person who claims to be possessed by the jin or any supernatural being for that matter,i believe that it could still be due to psychological problems but i wouldn't rule out the possibility of a real possession taking place.


14:22 Nothing can do anything to you unless you yourself choose to allow it. dang!

fizi said...

afiq, jangan terlalu suka menggunakan logical reasoning untuk sesuatu perkara. I leave it to your thoughts

afiq belum kena, afiq tak tau. Makhluk ALLAH ada bermacam2 rupa dan jenis. Ada yang telah bersumpah untuk menyesatkan anak cucu Adam a.s hingga ke akhir zaman.

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