Afiq's Democracy Challenge

Okay people people, listen!

I'm going to make a 3 minutes video about democracy in Malaysia. This video will be judged and showcased in USA so it's kind a like a big deal to me. Since I'm an aspiring creative director, it will also give me a glint of international exposure.

If you're interested to be in a video directed by an award-winning commercial video director (ehem, ehem) just tell me this:

What does democracy mean to you?

16 participants are needed for this video.

Take part and I will give you the details promptly. Register by sms-ing me at 016-2899681 or on this post comment box or e-mail me at
This video is seriously going to be the best commercial video to date. So come and collabo with me...! Weeeee...!

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tia said...

afiq, nak masuk!!