I was at Sunway Hotel lobby a month ago when a Korean boy band got out of the elevators and sat around the lobby to wait for their van. I didn't know the band so I just stared at them. They were tall and have very very very nice skin. Flawless! It could've been their make-up but it looked so damn natural.
I scanned the whole lobby and realised that the group of people that I thought were Taiwanese tourists waiting for their bus outside were screaming their heads off. Their eyes flashed deep-seeded desire to have sex with the boyband, reverse cowgirl style. When the band's van arrived, several staffs and bodyguards tactfully made way for the boyband to proceed to their vehicle without getting pulled or grabbed by fans. And then suddenly a young lady that was already inside the lobby ran towards one of the boyband member and threw her hand bag at him. She wasn't finished. She scuffled with the alerted bodyguards and tried to hit him.
I inquired one of the fans later when the korean boyband left. She told me that she was a representative of an anti-fan organisation of that particular boyband. Anti-fans? You must be kidding me!
Doesn't it occur to anyone that if you hate a boyband so much, you should've just ignore them. Boybands don't kill people, they kill songs. They don't melt steel, they melt hearts. Why on earth would anyone join this self-contradictary clubs?
I think they were hardcore fans who felt sidelined when the boyband got more famous and attracted more fans. Maybe they were pioneers of fanblogs, fanvideos and fanforums dedicated to the band and when the boyband reached a broader audience, they felt cheated and betrayed.
They volunteered to dedicate half a decade of their lives to these boybands so if anyone were to be blamed for this pointless fanaticism, it's the volunteers. They should know better. They should've dedicated those years breeding premium beef-to-be and farming hydroponic brusselsprouts.
So anti-fans, listen!
If you hate a certain boyband or singer, just ignore their music. You don't have to protest when your friends listen to their songs. You don't have to explain the ridiculous details of how your anger came to be. You don't have to analyse their songs and bitch about it in your blog. You can just ignore them. Ignore their music and don't buy their CDs.
You want to do damage?
Buy one CD of them, rip it in your windows media player and share those songs in P2P softwares like Limewire and Ares. Or torrent it. While you're at it, pass around your thumbdrive containing their songs to your circle of friends so they won't have to buy their CDs to listen to their songs. And that's all you should do. Anymore and you'll be a certified loser with a large L implanted in your cornea.


carutPK said...

antifan? wow..some ppl just crazy..
but come to think abt it..kita semua secara tak lansung jadi antifan by sharing songs of our fav singer @ movies..and antifan becomes fan obsessing of how to destroy the band they dont like..erk i also pening..

**jadi antifan of afiq by sharing this blog to frends..

** why arr the korean so tall? all ive met 180cm above..ada makan ubat meh?

Afiq Deen said...

i dont charge readers so its not considered an antifan thing to share my blog entries.

Koreans are originally tall. They are not veggie/fish eating japanese or rice eating chinese. Their staple food have always been meat for a very long time so this brand of nutritions made them tall and neantherdal.

Anonymous said...

when is this??
its just soo cool that you get to see a korean boyband..

maybe that girl was an antifan..
or maybe she watched too many korean dramas..


Afiq Deen said...

yes. she's an antifan. i'm sure of it.