I haven't sleep for the past 48 hours and I got to say, hallucination is so much better than watching movies. I've been seeing 'things' for a few hours now and none of its antiques can scare me. You know what's scary though?

Doing my laundry because when I leave my clothes to gyral for mercy in the washing machine, there will be this big muscular african guy who would wait for me to go to the canteen or back to my room and steal my boxers. He will usually (note the utter normalcy of the event taking place) take out one (just one) boxer of mine and, wait for it.... smell it, put it in his pocket and go back to his room. He's really huge so I'm pretty sure he's not wearing them and my boxers aren't branded either.

My boxers may not be expensive but they are 10 ringgit each dammit!

I realized his streak of boxer stealing when I got back to the washing machine earlier than he anticipated and I watched him smelling my detergent-smelling boxers from afar. I wasn't ultimately furious with his unlikely fetish, just curious with his choice of fetish object. Why not steal my suspenders or socks or change accumulating more than a ringgit? Why boxers?


I ought to leave him a tell-a-tale lipstick smooch on my worn boxers. I ought to. But I'm afraid he will follow me to my room and god-knows-what.

I'm losing a boxer every week. I'm afraid of the thief.

I'm fucked.

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natch said...

sorry..but i need to laugh bout ur post here...