De-Malaying Myself

If you're a reader of this blog and had tolerated my so-called freedom of blogging expression, your parents are probably the New Malay breed initiated by Dr Mahathir when he first became Prime Minister. And most of your parents, (I'm psychic you see) were either moderate or hardcore Reformasi supporters who'd thought Dr. Mahathir is a dictator for sacking Anwar Ibrahim in a despicable manner. And now your parents probably tracked back their political correctness and had finally realized that Dr. Mahathir is actually their hero.

And you, yes you are the offsprings of those parents, idealist teenagers who has a painstaking tendency to to adopt anglophilia or WOG (western oriented gentleman) as your primary mindset. You may have adopted western views on affection and verbal openness but mind you, we're still very malay, one way or another.

Even though my decision to enrol in a private school is still a subject of dispute to some family members because I didn't want to be in the Mara system (which was much more cheaper) I never actually regretted my uncomprimising stubborness because I'd realized today that immensing myself with multiculturalism had served me a spectrum of positive outcomes and gained myself a circle of loyal friends. If I were to follow whatever that comes in my way and got accepted in MRSM, I don't think I would ever be tempted to ever think outside the neo-colonial box.

But still I have to scrap off the tinsy bit of negative malay paranoia that lingers in my attitude and thinking, since I'm living on my own in KL, KL, KL, where the ugliness of racism often rear its head over troubled water. Everything that has anything with racism exploded here; 13th May 69, Hindraf and a few more upcoming riots and it never failed to hint all Malaysians that it is best to stick to your own kind if you know what's good for you. This is not Sabah, KL is never KK. Kota Kinabalu has the most tolerant society in Malaysia and even though this positive pecularity is never boasted through out the nation, every KK-lites would counter attack racist remarks with a simple

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