Somebody ADD Me! (nyanyi seperti lagu Smallville)

Well, as you might have noticed, I changed the header because I was too embarassed to look at my own, ehem, revealing picture. Yes yes, I'm a shy shy guy. Boohoo.
I'm not sure why people are getting more fascinated with myspace and ignoring their friendster profiles. I think friendster is much more convenient and is easier to reconnect loosened ties.

Myspace features kind of caters for those who are willing narcissists.

So I have both!

I'm thinking of launching a facebook too.

I know you can only get a lot of friends if you're really really goodlooking or really really hype or really really slutty but I too have a share of a really really trait. I really really love to think about things, sometimes unnecessary stuff. And I really really like to read. Does that really really count?

So do me a favour by adding me as one of your friends. I'm sure people will get jealous coz you have me as one of your friends later in life (when I get filthy rich and surrounded by by-the-hour babes)

I can't picture myself upadating my friendster or myspace profile in ten years time. So old still want to post emo pictures to fetch comments. Aiya!

Here are my profiles:

Afiq's Myspace (In dire need of Friends!)

Afiq's Friendster (tak kisah pun tiga lima, siapa kentut keluaq bunga)

I'm using this picture as the primary picture (yeah, tiada alasan bagimu) :

Don't add any other Afiq, just Afiq from Afiqsays.



Miss Aida said...


And that's publicity.

At least you're honest about it!

afiq said...

i'm not THAT desperate to get friends to polish my vainity. I figure it'll be good for biznez.

Anonymous said...


Are u on drugs ?

Pil kuda ?

Daun ketum ?