Let's Compare & Contrast

Dr. Chua Soi Lek resigned his post as the Health Minister because he found out that the public is disgraced by his sex scandal. He did so out of moral obligation as he took responsibility for his actions. He deserves a royal high five for his bravery in admitting he's the man on the DVD. He took the bullet. He accepted the consequences for his wrongdoings, even though the sex scandal was taken advantage by his political rivals.

Well have you seen the video though? I'd seen it and well, what he did with his girlfriend is really standard sex. I thought there were some acrobatic stunts... Heheh.

And there was the Datuk Z case, the MP who built his mansion without permit, along with his sons' satay restaurant. On the first day of questioning, he went to Istana wearing golden baju melayu and Gucci shades, didn't stop for photographers and smirked an -apa tengok-tengok- expression.

When his case was widely publisized and shown on TV, he changed tactics and cried in front of media personnels in a smaller house. He wore peasant looking cream shirt and a cheap working class glasses. Now that's a first class douchebag right there.

He eventually completed the construction of his house and even invited orphans to berbuka puasa at his mansion. He tried to impose a apologizing gesture when he did his little feast but for me, it was even more despicable than faking a breakdown. Like Dr. Chua, he was busted but why didn't he resign his post?

I rest my case. It's embarassing to see how a non-muslim own up to his mistakes and accept the following consequences so much dignity. It's even more embarassing to see a muslim leader who never miss a prayer to dodge the bullet by... crying on TV.


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Daniel N. Amali said...

wtf. it's his life, who cares if he's having sex. it's not related to work. as if lah the others innocent sangat.