I've been feeling lethargic and tired these few days. The weather change had somehow affected my structure of discipline and timing.

You've no idea how useless I feel right now. It is as if every twitch and turn I make will somehow accumulate to an equation of an endless uncertainty. It's like knitting a thread of wool hanging from the sky on a mound of clouds, only for the knitted sweater to join the rain when it's almost done.

It is time


Rearrange the furnitures.
Re-alphabetize my books and cds.
Rearrange miscellaneous items .
Wash the comforter.
Get a haircut.

Call a Bree, but I DO find comfort in doing these sort of stuff. I just do.


Miss Aida said...

I think it's natural to go through one of those phases. Why not?

It happens.

hanyhany said...

organizing is great, keeps me sane