I seriusly don't get what the fuss is really about. Kita ni hypocrit sangat ke?

Just because he's malay and muslim, he is no different than Brad Pitt or Matt Damon, he is an entertainer and entertainers entertains people with antiques like showing their nasi lemak friendly stomach. Faizal Tahir is another victim of Malaysian hypocrisy. I think there are more outrageous things happening in Malaysia like Linggam's "He looks like me, he sounds like me BUT it's not me." and the tilting headshot of Sharlinie all over KL. Keling betol. (no offence, no offence...) I don't make stereotypes guys, I just see them.

We went to Dataran Merdeka to shoot a documentary video about the historical site and I came across a poster of Pak Lah and the verses of Negaraku underneath his face potrait. Are we really a democratic country, Pak Lah? Are we? Because posters like that are only displayed in countries controlled by communists or regimes. Similar to Chairman Mao and Saddam Hussein's self-branding propaganda, the posters of our prime minister on top of a national song implies feudalism. That, or PakLah's wicked sense of vainity reigns supreme.

"The time is fast approaching when to call a man a patriot will be the deepest
insult you can offer him. Patriotism now means advocating plunder in the
interests of the priviledged classes of the particular state system into which
we have happened to born."

- E. Belfort Bax.

It is not wrong then to think that In-Wong Hwang's perception on Malaysia being controlled by a coallition of regimes is, you know, true. The Machiavelian sense of governmental control can no longer be sensible in the newly educated and learned Malaysia. Or is it?

Malaysia is ready for a new swing of honest journalism and politics. During Mahathir's time, newspaper editors were forced to resign because they were Anwar or Musa sympathizers and now, as you have probably noticed, our newspapers are very very pro BN. There's nothing wrong with this if not for the fact that journalists are forced to comply with BN's ideals.

Now is the era where three beastly agents are running our country with their undisputed power and influence: BN politicians, the Press and Capitalists. What are you going to do, bhai?

What are we going to do? We can gossip about Faizal's shirtless episode and ooooh, Siti pakai tudung tapi nyanyi? Suara bukan aurat ke? Hanjeng kau Siti! Hanjeng je kemutan purnama you!


(Ends entry with a few lines from Ella Fitzgerald's song)

I'm wild again, beguiled again

A simpering, whimpering child again

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered - am I

Couldn't sleep and wouldn't sleep

When love came and told me, I shouldn't sleep

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered - am I

Lost my heart, but what of itHe is cold I agree

He can laugh, but I love it

Although the laugh's on me

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lubna said...

This is kinda irrelevant, but

I love Ella Fitzgerald.

You should listen to on Sunday nights. It's like listening to the radio some 40, 50 years ago. :)