Slam Dunk!

Have you tasted any of J.Co's donuts? Well if you've been to Pavilion and puzzled by the infamous J.Co queue, I'm telling you now that the 40 minutes of waiting is so very worthwhile. The Indonesian company ought to print "Dunkin Donuts, kiss my dunka-dunk-dunk!" on their donut boxes.

I saw a few celebrities at the Pavilion too and was almost invited to be interviewed by MTV's Utt but I don't want my future in politics be tainted with a stupid random interview. They were asking around about how Pavilion is better than other malls (indirectly of course) and the possibility of me giving my opinion that might contradict with the nation's future policy is probably imminent. Imminent. Woooo.. big word from a architecture student who was recently detained by a security guard for his Naruto-style hair.

I'm taking a big long break. No, not from blogosphere but the entertainment world. I recently realized that Britney's insanity streak and whether or not Reese Witherspoon is getting married and those sort of Hollywood trivial rackus is not doing me any good. Better now than later eh? (suck on that, you wannabe Paris Hiltons you!)

I'm still deprived of family love. I miss to hear their voices but again, I've a statement that goes along with my silence which is This Rubbish Has Got to Stop. I hate broken marriages because it doesn't only break marrital relationships as the term applies but it breaks the children's hearts too. Family feuds and misunderstandings will follow through. The children will only become guinea pigs of a misinformed pretext for all the wrong reasons. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. (Jimi Hendrix) And even though we all acknowledge the universal concept of love, we still won't be able to go over barriers if we breathe in truth and breathe out denial. I'm just saying, sometimes, or most of the time, the first enemy we'll encounter is ourselves. I am still mustering enough courage to stand firm with my beliefs.

I'm also NOT going to Syria even if our appointed heritage study destination is Syria. Because I might DIE (a back addition of a T appears to be scarier though) Syria is another oil-rich country with unconforming understanding with the United States or the group of people who are in control of the US. I don't care. I'm not going. If I were to die, I would love to endure it in peace, say, choking while eating J.Co donuts?

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lifeinside said...

Afiq stay a little bit longer. U'll learn a lot of lesson from it, I believe that. Other than the rest, u still hv ur friends, aka me.