Princess Pornonia

A close friend of mine bought a Made In China mp4 'I-Pod' recently and guess what's the first thing he compressed from his pc to his erm... Tunez?


Why am I not surprised? People deprived of information on sex when they were younger will later have a life long habit of watching porn. It's only natural. My parents told me nothing about sex. Maybe they think I'll learn it in school or friends but the only education I got from my school is the journey of sperms to a woman's ovaries and from friends: Oh man! haven't you heard of the missionary style before, no no no, orgies are more fetch.

To be honest, I myself watch porn sometimes. I won't try to bullshit you by telling you that it was out of curiosity when it is actually an aid to relief myself. I know you're thinking that this kind of thing should be disclosed to myself but I am trying to make a point here.

Some watch porn to relief themselves and others watch it because it's fun. With today's society's sense of materialism and a minimum requirement of RM10,000 to get married, am I to be blamed to be lacking of action of a specific kind? Abstinence of sex can only last half a decade but abstinence of relief?

But what concerns me though is that pornography is now watched recreationally in a habitual sense. Like smoking or drinking. It either provides a thrill or as calming effect, depending on a person's view on sex. I personally find it sickening that people treat pornography so... secretly and almost to a point sacredly. And people who responded to porn with a pretense of the day of judgement, I find them really really annoying and as I will probably be aware of later on, hypocritical.

I am not saying porn should be watched, comprehended or kept casually but maybe it should. Maybe that's how the human mind works. Let's say Matrix is your all time favourite movie, I don't think you'll watch the same shit everynight for a whole year and still think it's still your favourite movie a year later. By holding on to something and to treat it with undivided secrecy, that something is bound to become perniciously beautiful. So pernicious it will eat your sense of judgement of a particular subject with so much wrath, it'll surprise you how our whole lives can go down the drain because of it. Can porn do such a thing? Yes it can, if it is constantly treated like a fairy tale princess. But if it is left exposed without any sense of attached loyalty, we will somehow figure out the void of the whole existence of pornography, a first step of detaching ourselves altogether from it.

A rule I know by heart: Oppression = Resistance

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