I am 20.. Still a virgin. 20 and virginal (is there such a word)... I promised myself to not have SEX before marriage so what to do lah right? Sabarrrr~~~~
Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek resigned because of a sex tape of him and his mistress/girlfriend/porcupine. I think he's doing the right thing because the majority has spoken. They don't like their Health Minister involved in a healthy activity we call SEX. I like SEX. Why, I love SEX. SEX is good. SEX is healthy. Health Ministers should be doing healthy activities.

If UMNO ministers is caught having SEX with other women, will they resign too? In that case, instead of marching and rallying and voting to get ministers off their department, why not hire a private investigator to follow them around and trick them to have SEX with people other than their wives, video tape it and sell it at Uptown. And to spice things up, throw in a ridiculously beautiful tranvestite and an orgy of Hindraf supporters.

Dr Chua describes some Malaysians to have an Holier-than-thou attitude. True enough, we Malaysians are very holier-than-thou. Drug your father with Veritaserum (Harry Potter fans should know) and ask this question:

Have you ever cheated on Mak?

Most fathers will answer:


And yet you'll see your fathers fuming at the breakfast table. "He should resign!" They would smack a fly with their roll of newspaper and sip a cup of coffee your mom made with the same lips that accidentally attached itself to another woman's last night.

The public decision to shove him off his position was based on Moral Value. And Hypocrisy.

The thing about prejudism is if you practice it, you'll have to endure it.

And since we're on the subject of SEX, I am indeed in need of it. I'm 20 and horny. The only problem is I need at least 20 thousand to get married. Now THAT's the root of Zina. No no no, not porn or clubbing but ass-wipe future in-laws who would only let their daughters up when they get their hands on enough money to buy them a Proton Persona.

Yes yes, apparently me showing more of my skin has a cosmic effect on my blog rating. FYI, I've already officially launch

It'll be simplified to in a few months if my pilot Blog Shop is successful. What are you waiting for guys, buy a card and make me rich. Muahahaha.


Daniel N. Amali said...

just secret and princess. so, where the fuck is the emomania? Designer Coutoure? it's Couture, no "O" after the "T".

make something wif a dark theme, like nightmare before christmas. i need a new notepad, but can't seem to find one that i like. can u make one or are u just gonna concentrate on making cards??

afiq said...

right right... gonna change the spelling.

I can make everything paper related. How much is ur budget for a 'dark' notebook?

afiq said...

and hey.. no underage usage of Fuck around aite?

R U mad because there's no emomania? fyi, it's coming soon.. I've only 2 hands mate!

Daniel N. Amali said...

as long as it's below RM30. but of course, it must be a dark theme, looks exclusive, one of it's kind, unique, and also, would be nice if there's a graphic that shows a person who's alone in his way/path. And IF i'm satisfied, then i pay you RM50. if not satisfied, just RM30. i don't know your cost though, tell me, and i'll give u a good price :D

just asking though, kalau dpt, cool. i added your msn last week psl kan tanya about this, tapi tak nampak pun on9.

Daniel N. Amali said...

and no, not mad, was just looking forward to seeing the emomania, tau2 nada ni wah. plus, just a common usage like i use gila, mental, paloi, sial, fuck, shit, damn, god, bauta, mandau, etc. but usually use it as an expression of shocked, strong emotions, or excitements. plus, i never go mad or angry, just disappointment, feeling down, mood swings, but never angry. just delete this comment if u find my words disturbing.

Daniel N. Amali said...

i forgot, use black paper for the inside.. i don't know if it increase the cost, but the last black book i bought was around RM7 or RM8 i think. But just plain black cover, boring...

Daniel N. Amali said...

u're in UIA/IIUM right, saw ur fs. can i directly pay to you? cause i don't have any account in the three banks. international student here. you want me to pay first? or during delivery? do you do delivery to room?

any other charges to have exclusive rights to the design? cause i want it to be only mine.

banyak hantap post ku ani eh LOL

afiq said...

rite~~~ K then. I'll work on it.

Daniel N. Amali said...


Anonymous said...

Omedeto for launching ur web man..


lifeinside said...

afiq do u do international deliveries?