Unveiling the Paradox

Who are We?

Are we Muslims?

As Muslims, hijjab must be worn in public places to cover the general aurah and at the same time enhancing modesty, good behaviour and humility. What is wrong with protecting your beautiful body from perveted prying eyes? What is wrong with not succumbing as a piece of meat?

With that in mind, what is wrong with wearing Purdah or a veil?

Some of you would say it is radical to do so. But why is it considered radical? I mean really?

If a student studies harder than you, will you call him/her radical? If a person is extremely hardworking in something, will you call him/her radical? If a person decides to go the extra mile in whatever they do, can that be considered radical? If a woman wears a veil, is she radical?

Clearly, what veiled women are trying to do is to completely avoid evil (fasad) and what is wrong with that? Will wearing a veil automatically prolaims Al-Arqam affiliation? A lot of Muslim girls wear dresses similar to GROs or prostitutes and yet it is politically wrong to think of them as hookers. How do you justify that? How do you justify Muslim girls who appear half naked on the month of Ramadhan, flirting uncontrollably and appear promiscuous?

Wearing a veil is not necessary but it is certainly not wrong. Sure, our nation is developing both economically and physically but I'm not certain whether we take spiritual development seriously. Take our Islamic State Nation Leader a.k.a. Prime Minister. As a Khalifah of an Islamic state, shouldn't his wife examplify a model Muslim woman by covering her Aurah? If she refused or in a more cliche term 'not ready yet', her misdeeds affects her husband and the image of Muslim women nationwide.

And this is coming from a person who greets people with a Hi rather than an Assalamualaikum.


Hafidz Baharom said...

I have no problems with radicals, as long as they keep to themselves and leave me and everyone else alone.

mr anonymous88 said...

couldn't agree more!!

Gay boy too said...

Afiq obviously you are not a muslim as you infer other people are not muslim. He who call other people kafir and the other person is not then you become kafir.

So that clear up the fundamental. Knowing that you are not muslim then this will be just academic.

First thing Islam was brought by Indian traders. Christianity was brought by Dutch and German people. So you see what you belief is influenced by the Indian traders who in turn was influenced by the arabs.

Malaysia is a secular state. The majority is with the United Malay National Organisation, UMNO. It is nationalistic. Malaysia is not an arabic Islamic state. hell you dont even understand the quran why do we want to be islamic state?. But we get by succesfully, see the twin towers, without understanding the quran so why the heck not go on as secular for the next 50 years?

Only losers wear tudung. See the Arabs in Iraq they have been bombed senseless , stripped naked in Ghraib by the Americans... so why do we want to wear tudung?

The men who are losers are left with their women to control. Thats why in Afghanistan their women chastity is their ego their chattel.

Malay men are confident of themseleves thats why they dont need to subservient their women. The Malay men and culture love beautiful women e.g Sit Nurhaliza, Erra Fazira etc.. Tiara berkemban lagi dia suka...

As a gay boy, obviously beautiful women mean nothing to you. So you cannot compare our PM with your loser father who forced your mum to wear tudung. Please dont.

As a gay boy you look at girls differently..their friendliness as flirting..their sexyness as promiscuous. Malay girls are friendly and sexual. That's what real women are for. But I suppose you r looking for a guy to fuck you, yourself.. so you look at women as competitors and want them to look ugly or unseen in their chador. In that case you should join Keadilan where even drivers get it! Hahaha

afiq said...

Very funny.

(there's no point counter attacking your statements is there?)

I'll leave you with your thoughts.

Bliss= ignorance?

afiq said...

Obviously, we have different opinions on things. Well, it'll do no good if I get pissed and retaliate. SO... I'll share my opinions on yours.

I CAN understand the Quran, by reading the translation (my arabic ain't half bad) and if there are confusing verses, there always interpertation by scholars.

Arab is not Islam. More than 80% of all Muslims are non arab. Even China has more Muslims than Malaysia. Statistic beats sweeping statements. Ngahahaha. What do you mean we didn't refer to the Quran with the construction of KLCC? The KLCC Twin Tower, that won the Aga Khan Award is designed with an Islamic concept, the use of geometrical patterns introduced by Muslim artists and architects when the Quran restricts potrayal of living beings. How is that unrelated to the Quran?

Now it seems like wearing hijjab is potraying poverty because that is what you see on TV and magazines. During the Islamic Renaissance, even european women wore Hijjab because it was a superior trend and implies greatness.

I'm not gay. Women wear sexy clothes to be seen as sexy and beautiful, to be judged merely with their appearances. If women cover their aurah, men (or women) will be more interested in their personality and values, not the sheer amount of money spent on their bodies.



shinzu said...

Malaysia is neither an Islamic nor a secular state.

Ifrah said...

Stumbled upon this article just like that! Very nicely put! I know how it feels to be cross-eyed for your hijab! I feel so proud of it nevertheless!
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

im gona comment from an athiest non religious point of view here.

i peronaly do not believe women should be forced to dress like a mail box head to toe, but.. have you walked into any shop, restuarant, movie theatre recently, and seen what the female youth of today are wearing?? its disgraceful to themselves, the skirts barely resemble skirts anymore as they now look more like a single belt. the tops are exposing everything but the nipple.

forget about the relgious context of things, shouldnt we rather be teaching respect, self respect and morals at a young age instead of religion??

every relgion has different views on things and every culture bends these views to suit their own,
so i say out with relgion, and in with one moral standing that the world collectively can embrace.

if respect was shared through out the world there would be no act of wars