My Last Sunny Sunday

I remembered one comment from one of my entry requesting a full shot of my annoyingly playful kitten, Shasha. I took her picture this morning while she was resting on my table after running back and forth nonsensically for a few hours. I bought the expensive kind of cat biscuits hoping that she'll get fat and cuddle-friendly and instead, she burnt all the wanted fats away doing kitty exercises and is reluctant of anything that involves close contact. Her only known friendly gesture is biting by toenail and chasing after my hamstring like a deranged Jack (Jack and the Magical Beanstalk) chasing after trunks of giant hamstring.
I'm not planning to do anything close to 'beneficial' or 'productive' today. It's my last Sunday before the most hectic two weeks of my entire semester. I'll be shackled to my drafting table again, not for three days like a week ago, but two weeks! Yauzaaaa!
Between you and me, this blog will experience a slight hiatus for the next 2 weeks because I won't be thinking much of anything else other than my Final Project. That two words just made me jitter with fear~
I'm going to savor this unusually gloomy day by contemplating on the upcoming frenzy.
You know what? Even though it's Ramadhan, I'm going to say it. The word I like to say only once before an upheaval of distress and agitation.

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irzan said...

it's unique that your bedsheet resembles the pattern of my kain pelikat.

and you're muscular. i thought you're boyish.