No More Drama

There was an article about how malays in Singapore are better off now than before in the Star. Lee Hsien Loong, the president of the Lion Country reviewed a statistic on the education progress of Malays. 25 years ago, only 1/6 of malay students passed their O level (international equivelant of SPM) and now 60% are capable of passing.
When he used the word They, I can't help but to think that malays are a weak minority, too weak to be angry at Lee Hsien Loong's statement. Why should they be angry when it's true? Lee Hsien Loong also mentioned that malays are facing some problems in the country like dysfounctional families, caused by divorce and seperation and unexpectedly high rate of teenage birth.
This is what happened when malays are not given special treatment like NEP. This is exactly it. This may seem offensive but look at it this way, malays are weak because they are psychologically programmed by history and their parents to live in a shell, to not help each other, to stab their own kin behind their back, to make drama and misery their lifestyle.
A lot have changed since our contry achieved freedom, and everyone should be thankful of that. Malays are getting more educated and rich. But still, I can see that even though they are educated and wealthy, they distant themselves from the average malay community. And the reason is simple, they are the slightly 'evolved' kind who thinks their presence is too pure (sacred) to be amidst the public and the average malays will subconciously label them as people with no morale and religious values.
Funny how all this happens in a country and everyone involved are malays.
Oh, and drama, drama, drama, drama... I think malays crave drama. They just love it. They like starting and prolonging drama to justify their self-righteousness. Oh my, how far are we from cute korean dramas... I mean, watch our local telly drama series and realize how it is similar to Latinos'. It's a supplement for the poor, drama.
Let's get over this, ignore the family drama and work hard to (no, not to make ourselves richer to join the equestrian spectator club) make our country a more pleasant place to live in..


jaime jaime said...

thats so true~~`

fizi said...

yeah.. our kind is soo adept at stabbing each others' back.

Orang tu susah? Padan muka, sebab tak pandai usaha..

Indonesia kena banjir? Jom ramai2 derma.. kesiaaann...