Ramadhan. All the devils and satans in the world are shackled, and yet I cursed like I'd never cursed when I was stuck in a middle of a traffic congestion, bumper-to-bumper. Darn you, Priscilla Patrick!
You won't be hearing (reading) much of me because I, like all the satans in the world, will be shackled, to my drafting table. If you think being in architecture is cool think again. But there are reasons why architects are highly regarded for being passionate, good looking and charismatic like potrayed in television. Take these telly characters for example:

There are a few dozen more but who am I to flatter myself with delusional stereotypes; architects being naturally sensitive, driven and... and... good looking.
Like potrayal of surgeons and doctors in ER, Grey's Anatomy and Dr. House, architecture is somewhat similar because architects or architecture students who wants to make it in the corporate world manipulates values in a daily basis. Stress = Motivation. Deadline = End of the World. Presentation = Strut it or Lose it. Strange = Eccentric. Sell Out = Survival. Suck up = Suck in. Life = What Life? . . .
It is not true, architecture students not having a life of their own. We do, in entraped spaces with the same ol people we see day in and day out. Some see architects as the urban God for their abilities to create something magical out of nothing. Women see architects as well-groomed guys with expensive Zegna shirts and Tropicana Life baggy pants wrapped with a shiny Dolce & Gabbana. In short, we're cool, and we know it. W*** t** Fuck right?
Think about it, we're like satans. We do most of our work at night, trained to be influential and charismatic to win people's hearts, have changing values to climb the corporate ladder, extremely vain and yess, a million times yes, have a stack full of body and facial products that would put any woman in the world to shame.
Selamat Berpuasa. Oh and take oatmeals for sahur, it does wonders when it comes to providing energy. Nasi is a no no. Biscuits will last you till 3 o' clock. Oatmeal, no matter how puke-friendly, is the best energy provider for a whole day fast.


Hafidz Baharom said...

i usually see architects as people with messy apartments and and scraggly clothes.

at least, that's the impression i get from my cousin, who's also studying to be an architect.

jannah said...

tell me about it. the swearing thing, i mean. the first day of puasa was probably the day where I swore the most.

people can be so f*cked up sometimes, even when its ramadhan.

anyway, about the architect thing, i am thanking god i didn't pick architecture coz i love what i do now, despite some lecturers being mad slaughterers and driving us as crazy as hell.

oh well.
happy ramadhan afiq ! :)

afiq said...

Exactly aput!

We are exactly like that! Gosh.

But the metrosexual metamorphosis will come.. when i enter the professional world...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

only the passionates can stand the test of being an architect.

you get lowly paid, tak boleh claim OT, kena marah tengking by clients but clients would still seek your advice all the same.

and not only will you be responsible of the lives of those your are designing your creations for, you will also be responsible for the surroundings from the outcome of your design.

besar tanggungjawab, beb. kalau betul caranya, banyak pahalanya. Doktor Bangunan lah katakan.

afiq said...

Wow. I never looked at it that way before..


Roti Kacang Merah said...

awat kat tv/movies depa suka typecast the architects of having big rooms and models tersusun teratur keliling dia and berpakaian ala-ala corporate banker? kalau tengok cerita Cinta, the architect siap melukis cara yang salah. hahaha.

they should get la an architect to actually advise that in real life, young architects do not have rooms but meja sekangkang kera yang bersepah masai dgn drawings, and melukis with controlled edgy but unbroken lines instead. shows how we are so taken for granted.

btw, 4 pieces of wholemealfibre bread with an egg also can give you the energy the whole day.

irzan said...

metrosexual = gay in denial.

doctors are good looking yeah i agree.

Deema said...

he he he
it is fun to read how people think of us, architects! :D

people like to hang out with us believe me ;) we see the world differently.