6.19 pm

I finished all my assignments and projects two days ago and I had nothing to do yesterday. Broke, alone and bored, I decided to make a video with my digital camera (which explains the quality)

It's entitled 6.19p.m.

What if.... in a state of solitude, a time warp vortex pass through your room and will bend any physic rules to your liking. What if it happens unintentionally, without warning, without any indication.

What will you think of?

What will you do?

Title: 6.19pm

Song: Bjork, All is Full of Love

Directed, acted and edited by me

There are several unintended bloopers if you watch the video twice or so. Some mistakes are so obvious and some, well (like my blue underwear) is intentional (to bring out the prominent hue of the video: blue).

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